Marijuana Security Guards in Glendale

Glendale is located in Los Angeles County, where it is the fourth-largest city. It is commonly referred to as a suburb within the L.A metropolitan area and boasts beautiful mountainscapes and a slower lifestyle.

Like many cities in California, Glendale took things slowly when marijuana was first legalized. There were no initial plans to allow for recreational marijuana to be sold in stores; rather, the city council agreed to see how other cities fared before making any decisions.

In the end, the voters of Glendale were pro-marijuana and motioned to allow the legal sales of medicinal and recreational cannabis. There are currently a handful of storefronts in the city that sell marijuana, which is helping to boost the economy and propel the city forward.

While many people in the state of California see the benefits of this new law, there have been others who are noticing the setbacks. One of the main problems with legalizing marijuana is that it fights against the existing illegal black market.

As a result, the markets have been clashing, and this is cause for concern. Keeping these new cannabis-related businesses (CRB) safe is a top priority, even if it means putting together the toughest team for the job.

First Security Services

First Security Services serves the state of California in all things security-related. However, we were one of the first to recognize the growing need for better protection of these new businesses, their inventory, and the people who work within them.

In response, we put together a new division, which would be dedicated to the safety and security of all businesses and people taking part in the cannabis industry. This group of marijuana security guards would be known as the Special Services Division.

Special Services Division- Cannabis Security and Protection

The Special Services Division is meant to provide the highest level of security to everyone in the Glendale area, who is involved in the cannabis industry. To do that properly, this division has been trained to understand all of the aspects of the industry, including recurring trends, potential threats, state laws, and more.

The cannabis protection team is comprised mostly of Retired or Reserve Military Personnel, who possess the knowledge and training to perform in these kinds of high-stress situations. Every member of this 420 security has received specialized training in access control, in accordance with the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) and the County and City Cannabis Regulations.

Understanding the Cannabis Culture, as well as Cannabis Operations and protocol ensures that this division can make effective, beneficial decisions. This type of security is different than any other that we offer, and the team is equipped accordingly.

In addition to understanding the industry, the members of this division are highly-skilled in combat. However, they will only use physical force as a last resort. They are trained with the following skills:

  • Pepperball (Certified Pepperball Instructor and Certificate)
  • Taser (TASER/AXON Certified Instructor and Certificate)
  • T.C.C.C (Tactical, Combat Casualty Care) Certified by NORCAL MEDTAC
  • Baton (BSIS Certified Instructor)
  • M.O.A.B (Management of Aggressive Behavior)

Additional Operations

Although having physical protection and security in your storefront is important, this special division recognizes that there is much more to keeping cannabis-related businesses safe.

Apart from regular duties that occur within your store, other tasks can also expose your employees and assets to threat. These include tasks such as:

  • Transporting inventory
  • Unloading/loading products
  • Depositing money at the bank
  • Making individual deliveries

In Glendale, there are a number of CRB that offer online ordering and deliveries. With so many products traveling in and out of your store, there are potential threats that need to be accounted for. That being said, our cannabis security plan offers the following operations, to make sure every single task is done safely and securely:

  • Robus Site/Facility Security
  • High-Value Asset Protection
  • Executive and High Net Worth Protection
  • Residential Security
  • Corporate Travel and Protection Support
  • Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training
  • Armed and Unarmed Private Security
  • ...and more.

Keeping Your Business Safe

We know that every CRB is unique, and that’s why we offer a wide range of operations to serve each business effectively. To do so, we’re happy to provide businesses in Glendale with consultations, in order to get an idea of how your business is run, and how we can help.

During your consultation, we’ll help you to recognize where potential dangers lie in your business, and how you can make daily tasks safer. This includes potential hazards in your storefront, as well as any issues that take place during off-property tasks (Transportation, package deliveries, etc.)

Additionally, our Special Services Division has the capacity to recognize if your business isn’t following proper protocols, as laid down by the state, your specific county, and the city of Glendale. Some of the common laws laid down by state include:

  • Having video surveillance on the property at all times
  • Logbooks to be used by employees for access control
  • Proper identification badges worn by employees at all times

We’ll put together a risk management plan, which will help you improve and maintain the safety of your business, while also helping you to meet legal protocols. In the end, you’ll have a legal, professional business for years to come.

First of Its Kind

We are proud to be one of the first Cannabis Security Forces in California with security “best practices”. We are happy to share what we’ve learned with other businesses across the country, to ensure that every business owner can become a successful part of their city.

We do not advertise our services; we are a referral-based division and will stay that way. Our focus is on keeping business owners and their hard work protected, while our satisfied clients spread the word for us.