Graveyard Shift Security – Why You Should Hire Overnight Security Guards For Your Oakland Business

Overnight security has become a top priority for Oakland businesses as the city continues to fight against a high crime rate and an understaffed police force. Theft, burglary and vandalism often take place outside of standard business hours and having a security presence has been shown to greatly reduce to overall incidence of after hours crime.


It’s not uncommon for Bay Area and Oakland businesses to incorporate the use of closed circuit TV cameras in parking lots and around the perimeter of buildings, but that does not prevent shoplifting or employee shrink that occurs inside the business itself. Even video monitoring has shown to be less effective at night since lighting from the street or business can cause a glare that prevents identification through remote monitoring.


To see what conclusions were drawn from this incident and others like it, see this report from the British Astronomical Association about lighting and its effects on crime.


How Overnight Security Staffing Keep Oakland Safe


With many retail businesses choosing to stay open 24 hours, there has been a recent growth in overnight security staffing in Oakland and San Francisco, as well as other cities around the Bay Area. With many of the required daily activities getting done at night, companies can reduce staffing and get more done during the less busy hours while still being available around the clock for customers.


Along with the increased convenience for customers, however, comes an increased potential for theft and other types of crime. Here are some of the ways that security guards help Oakland businesses that are open around the clock:


  • Uniformed guards and regular patrol act as a visual deterrent
  • Security personnel have a direct line of contact with local police
  • Prevention of overnight parking, trespassing and loitering activities
  • Loss prevention and reduction of lost inventory
  • Identification and detainment of shoplifters


Oakland Security Resources

Oakland Crime Map – An interactive map from the City of Oakland Police Department that details recent crimes committed. You can sort by location, police department (Alameda or Oakland) and type of crime.


Safety & Security Resources – From the Oakland Business Center, a list of local law enforcement and neighborhood groups that work to make Oakland safer for businesses and residents.