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Since 2000, Greenfield has been one of the fastest growing cities in Monterey County, and for good reason. Its location provides terrific weather year round and great access to the many attractions throughout the Monterey Bay.


Greenfield is in the Salinas Valley, with mountain ranges on either side and easy access to both Pinnacles National Park and the Arroyo Seco Campground. Greenfield is one of the many cities in Monterey County that boasts several great wineries within a short drive.


Greenfield Private Security Guards & Services


Hire Greenfield Personal and Private Security


As the leading security contractors in Greenfield, First Security Services handles security and safety measures from the simple to the complex. With decades of experience providing security for Greenfield and surrounding areas, First Security Services has the experience, staff and professionalism to handle anything from individual to group security. Here are just some of our specialties:

  • Cannabis protection
  • Warehouse security
  • Private, personal and executive protection
  • Event security
  • Retail, residential and commercial security
  • Executive and corporate security
  • Private bodyguards
  • Alarm monitoring and patrol



Property Crime Index

Property Crime Index

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Event Management, Security Guards and Alarm Patrol

Each October, Greenfield hosts the Harvest Festival, a free music event for the community which features art booths, food and live music. Outdoor events such as these are popular throughout the Monterey Bay and for good reason. The beautiful weather and idyllic scenery make it a perfect location for outdoor fairs and festivals.


At First Security Services, we pride ourselves on providing top of the line security at events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our experienced and highly trained staff have the expertise you need to keep your indoor or outdoor event a safe and inviting environment for the entire community.


Greenfield Commercial and Retail Security

First security services has offices throughout California and has been protecting the state’s businesses for more than 30 years. Our security team has the training, knowledge and local familiarity that is essential to providing the best security possible to the community of Greenfield.


Working in conjunction with local police departments and highway patrol, First Security Services officers more than just a uniformed presence and foot patrol. We offer both armed and unarmed security and are constantly in communication with local law enforcement to better serve the city of Greenfield.


Give us a call today and find out about the many options offered by First Security Services! You can reach us at 1-800-778-3017 or fill out the free submission form to get a quote!



Crime Rate Indexes

Crime Rate Indexes

Looking For Security Guard Jobs In Greenfield?

At First Security Services, we are always looking for qualified security professionals to add to our talented team. Visit our Greenfield security guard jobs page to apply today!


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