Hiring San Francisco Armed Security Officers

If you have a San Francisco business and you’ve come to the conclusion that you or your business need to hire an armed security guard, you probably have a good reason, but likely have several questions and concerns as well. Here are some of the questions that we often hear from our San Francisco clients, and the best ways to balance those concerns with your security needs.


Is an armed security guard the right solution? There are many reasons why our clients opt for armed security. Sometimes it’s because of an ongoing potential threat to business or personal security, other times it may be in response to a specific criminal incident that was a threat to the safety of employees. We recognize that no two security requests are alike and our security consultants work with our clients to select the service that matches their needs and provides the best level of security available.


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Is there insurance against damage or injury? Yes, private patrol operators are required by California law to maintain at least $1 million in insurance that covers bodily injury and property damage.


How can I verify proper firearms training has been done? Individual, group and company security licenses and certifications can be verified through the Department of Consumer Affairs website. We adhere to the strictest standards of firearm training, which meet or exceed the California state requirements for security guards. (See below for more information on our firearms training.)


The Importance Of Properly Trained Armed Guards


When you enter potentially deadly force into a situation, being properly trained is essential. The difference between defusing a dangerous situation and escalating it can be a costly one when the moment strikes and it’s important to have the proper training in place when that moment comes.


In accordance with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, all of our armed security guards undergo proper classroom and field training by a certified instructor. Issues that are covered over the course of firearms training include:


  • Proper use of force and restraint
  • Fundamentals of weapon handling
  • Classroom and live shooting range training
  • Moral and legal aspects of using deadly force
  • Instruction from certified security trainers
  • Cues to look for in potentially violent situations
  • Communication during an emergency


In addition to field, classroom and firing range training, all security staff are subject to regular and ongoing performance reviews to ensure the highest level of competence and professionalism.


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