Hiring Unarmed Security Guards In Oakland, CA

Unarmed security guards are ideal for controlling access to private areas and facilities. Though they don’t carry a weapon, all of unarmed our security professionals are trained to use force if necessary, as well as restraining techniques that are practiced during training and reviewed on a regular basis.


Our unarmed security guards have a constant line of contact with our award-winning dispatch team, which can alert local authorities or other armed security personnel to a situation in an instant. Clear and effective communication is essential when there is the threat of a potentially dangerous or violent situation and our unarmed officers are trained specifically to anticipate and address them.


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Unarmed security guards are a great way to increase the level of safety in circumstances when an armed guard may raise some eyebrows, although that can also be done discretely (see the section below). Here are some of our unarmed security guard services that we offer in Oakland and throughout the Bay Area:


  • Parking enforcement and traffic direction
  • Ticketing and identification at access points
  • Crowd management and event security guards
  • Overnight security and mobile patrols
  • Remote surveillance and 24-hour dispatch center
  • Uniformed and plain clothes security guards
  • Oakland business and retail shopping center security
  • Neighborhood and community security guards
  • School and campus security
  • Front gate security for communities and HOAs


Oakland Contract Security | Armed Guards For One Day


Oakland has unique security needs that have been brought to light recently by areas that have hired private security guards to patrol neighborhoods. This is a community response to a perceived lack of resources available from the Oakland Police Department to appropriately address the amount of crime that is happening in some areas.


As a contract security guard provider, we can accommodate armed security guard requests for as little as one day, or for ongoing long term contracts. Our one day armed security contracts are often sought after by local organizations that are having an event that will attract a large number of people. Other times, businesses and communities want some additional peace of mind for parades and festivals that may draw a massive increase in foot traffic to their area for the day.


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Oakland Security Resources


Oakland Crime Reports – The Oakland Police Department’s crime report archives have comprehensive statistics for all crimes reported in the city, sortable by year. You can also download the reports for free.


Oakland Crime Prevention – Find resources, information and local contact numbers for authorities. The website also has a thorough section on crime prevention tips in several different languages.