Home Security Tips for Halloween

Halloween is a great holiday that encourages kids to meet and explore their neighborhoods. However, there are always a handful of trouble makers that can ruin the fun for kids and homeowners alike. Below are 4 tips to ensure that Halloween is a safe and fun holiday for all.


Keep Lights On

With so many people on the streets during Halloween, it can be a good opportunity for potential burglars to scout out the neighborhood. Since most people will have their lights on to encourage trick-or-treats to their down, a house without lights can be an indication that a house is vacant. Even if you aren’t taking part in the Halloween festivities, make sure to keep lights on in your home. If you aren’t planning on giving out candy, simply put a sign on or near your door to indicate that you have run out of candy. This will ensure you aren’t pestered by a ringing doorbell all night, but will let potential burglars know that the house is not vacant.


Keep Valuables Out of View

With so many people out during Halloween, it can be very easy for thieves to scout out homes through windows and even your open front door as you hand out candy. Though you may want to seem inviting, it is safer to keep blinds closed and your valuables away from windows and doors so that no one is tempted to enter your house once you are asleep. Also, consider putting up decorations to hide large electronic items like a flat screen T.V.


Be Prepared for Eggings

One of the unfortunate traditions that are always popular with teenagers is egging houses and cars on Halloween. Though chances are slim that you will be a target, make sure that you have a hose ready to wash off egg residue from your house or cars. If you don’t clean up eggs before they have dried, you risk doing permanent damage to paint jobs. If the eggs have begun to dry, make sure to use soap and a microfiber cloth and remove the eggs as quickly as possible.


Lock Your Door Before Trick-or-Treating

If you have kids and are planning on trick-or-treating at some point, make sure to lock your door when leaving the house. Even if you are only going to be gone for a few minutes, that’s all it takes for a thief to move through your house. Since everyone will be carrying pillow cases and wearing masks and costumes, it’s a prime opportunity for people to hit unsecured homes quickly.


Have any other home security tips during Halloween? Let us know!