How Much Do Private Bodyguards Make?

Private security services can be mutually beneficial to both parties, as security is something that can be essential in many types of environments. The amount of money that security guards themselves make varies greatly, however, as different types of security guards make more than others.


How Much Do Private Bodyguards Make?


One group of security guards that can make much more than normal ones are private bodyguards. But just how much can they earn? Find out below:


With Skill Comes Greater Earnings


A private bodyguard has to have many skills that many normal security guards do not necessarily possess, at least not to the same degree. It comes as no surprise that many of those who become private bodyguards once had successful careers in either the military or in law enforcement, meaning that they have advanced knowledge of hand-to-hand combat and the use of weaponry. But besides the physical skills that they possess, they also have trained their minds to allow them to make split-second decisions and to identify, assess, and react to threats or potential threats right away.


The Average Salary For A Private Bodyguard


In general, the average salary for private bodyguards is $65,000. However, the median range is from $40,000 to $120,000. Most private bodyguards will make significantly more than $40,000, even to start. This doesn’t even take into account some bonuses that they often receive, especially if they work with wealthy clients. If a private bodyguard works for multiple wealthy clients, there’s a chance that he or she can make even more than $120,000 a year. It all depends on the particular situation.


What Factors Determines the Pay?


There are a few different factors that determines the yearly salary of a private bodyguard. Keep in mind that a private bodyguard may be working for more than one client at a time, so his or her salary is a combination of multiple payments. For the most part, the two factors that determines the amount that private bodyguards will make are the degree of risk involved and the wealth / notoriety of the particular client.


Since private bodyguards are expected to put their lives on the line if the situation calls for it, the greater the risk involved is, the more that they will get paid. In addition, private bodyguards will make much more working for a famous celebrity than someone who isn’t rich or famous. Not only are famous celebrities more wealthy than most clients, but they also are in far more danger since they are easily recognizable and can be the target of overzealous fans, stalkers, and criminals. This means that there’s a greater degree of risk involved in protecting them, which is why a private bodyguard would be paid more than in other situations.


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