How Private Security Guards Can Prevent Riot and Protest Damage

One of the benefits of living in the United States is that we have freedom of speech, which includes the right to protest. Unfortunately, while peaceful protests should be encouraged, in many instances, they can turn violent. In addition, protests can not only turn violent at times, but they can also morph into full-fledged riots.


How Private Security Guards Can Prevent Riot and Protest Damage


The good news is that private security guards can play a big role in preventing riot and protest damage from escalating.


Form a Plan

Private security guards can work with both private and commercial residents to help set up  emergency procedures or protocols in case of a riot or protest occurring. This doesn’t have to be done once a situation develops, but instead, can be thought of as being proactive in nature. A private security company will be able to provide you with a course of action to take. This is especially useful if you live in an area that has a high probability of a riot or a protest occurring.


Act as a Deterrent

Another way that private security guards can prevent riot and protest damage is by acting as a deterrent. For example, if a riot is taking place, the rioters will be less likely to try and loot or damage a store where there’s a security guard that’s visible. Even if there’s a simple protest going on, having security present will also prevent things from escalating. It’s better, once again, to be proactive than reactionary.


Be the Initial Defense

If violence does start to occur, the police might not be able to respond right away. Having private security on site can help to ward off rioters should they get violent. Damage can be prevented, such as to an office building or a store, and employees can also be protected. Private security guards will be able to provide much needed protection. In a full-blown riot, the amount of damage that can be done in mere minutes is considerable, which is why having security will be beneficial.


Work With Law Enforcement

Well-trained private security guards, such as the ones employed by First Security Services, will be able to spot suspicious activity or a potential riot situation before it occurs. They also understand the proper protocol and the necessary information to provide to law enforcement should any incidents take place in order to make sure that the violators are able to be apprehended. Furthermore, private security guards can aid in insurance claims in case there’s any damage to the property.


Riots and protests can completely devastate a business and cause thousands or even millions of dollars worth of damage. Hiring private security guards can really pay off when it comes to minimizing the amount of damage that can occur. First Security Services has a wealth of experience in providing security guards for these types of situations. Make sure to contact us today for your free consultation!