How Private Security Guards Can Work With Law Enforcement

Private security and public law enforcement are two separate entities, both bound by different legalities and duties. But while they are separate, in many instances, they are required to work together.




For example, if a private security guard encounters a robbery on the premises that he or she is patrolling and detains a suspect, the security guard will have to cooperate with law enforcement to ensure that the full extent of the law is applied in this situation and that the investigation can proceed properly.


For private security guards to be able to fully cooperate with law enforcement and assist them if and when a crime takes place, the following should always be followed:


Exude Professionalism


A private security guard, no matter the position, should always exude a high level of professionalism. This means having a clean, tidy uniform and acting appropriately at all times. Security is a serious manner, and, as such, it should be treated that way. Interactions with law enforcement should reflect this professionalism. Just as police officers are expected to maintain a certain appearance, so should private security guards.


Be Respectful


Egos have no place when it comes to private security guards. Instead, when interacting with law enforcement, security guards should show a level of respect. This means cooperating fully, answering the questions clearly and directly, and realizing that, after a crime has been committed, the jurisdiction lies with law enforcement. Being respectful will aid in creating a beneficial interaction with law enforcement officials both in the short-term and the long-term. Law enforcement officers themselves will be far more cooperative in the future.


Understand the Law


Private security guards should also have a firm understanding of the law in terms of what they can and cannot do. This will help to avoid any misunderstandings or misuse of power should a situation arise, which can create issues with local law enforcement. Understanding the law means that cooperating with law enforcement will be a far easier process. It will also help to prevent any legal issues that the security guard or place of business might have to face should the law not be followed.


Provide Accurate and Full Details


Lastly, private security guards should be able to provide the full, detailed picture of the particular situation that law enforcement has been called to. Not providing enough details or only giving indirect answers does no one any favors. Protocols must be followed, which includes providing a step-by-step explanation of what happened, detailed descriptions, and so forth. This will ensure that law enforcement officials have a better chance of successfully concluding their investigation and that only the criminals are held liable.


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