How to Discourage Burglaries

Having an excellent home security and monitoring system is certainly the most beneficial way to protect your home or business from burglaries, but you should also take some steps yourself to further discourage any would-be burglar from trying to break in. The following methods are basically free or cost very little to do and take very little time to implement. Put in place as many of them as possible.


Put a Sign in Front

This is especially true if you’re planning on being away for awhile. You should put a sign that advertises the fact that you have a security system in place that’s visible in order for it to act as a deterrent. It will make a burglar think twice about wanting to break in.


Secure the Garage


Always make sure your garage is closed and secure no matter what, unless you absolutely need to have it open. Having your garage open is an invitation for a burglar to run and, while not necessarily breaking into the rest of the home, stealing any valuables that may be inside of the garage.


Establish Good Relations With Your Neighbors

Establishing a good relationship with your neighbors can pay dividends in that, if they happen to see something suspicious, they can either alert you or the authorities right away. Having a personal connection with them will surely make them more inclined to do so.


Don’t Skimp Out On Landscaping

You should also make sure that there are no spots on the outside property where burglars can hide. These so-called blind spots are what they often look for and can be in the form of trees, bushes, and other shrubbery. In addition, not only will having lots of open space discourage a burglar from attempting a break-in due to a lack of hiding places, but it’ll also make the burglar wonder how he or she will hide if something goes wrong after the break-in.


Make Sure You Have Motion Sensors

It’s quite simple really. Make sure that all of your outdoor lights have motion sensors installed on them so that the lights will automatically switch on if they sense any movement. You can have them installed in lights that are already there. Plus, you have the option of choosing when you want the motion detectors to be on.


Consider Turning on a Radio or TV

A radio will be a more electric-friendly option, but the point is to make sure that there’s sufficient noise present. If you’re away for the day at work with no one at your home, for example, having the radio on will discourage burglars from wanting to break in. Don’t make it so loud that it disturbs the neighbors, but perhaps place it so that anyone who comes extremely close to the house can hear it.


With some common sense and a little bit of effort, you can formulate some aspects of your home or business so that burglars will not want to break in no matter what. Good luck!