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As one of California’s mid range cities, Interlaken is one of the more diverse and populated areas in the Santa Cruz County.  Interlaken’s population has remained fairly stagnant over the last few years at 7,321 just as its crime rate measures closely to state average (3.212% as opposed to California’s 2% higher crime index).  In order for a security service to regulate crime within a larger city, especially one with a dispersed population, security officers need to be mobile and intelligently centralized.  First Security personnel are versatile and willing to work in any location, regardless the geographical or demo graphical size.


In 2005 Interlaken was rated atop city to live in the United States.  With the help of First Security’s fleet of elite security officials, this prestigious status is once again achievable.  Our security officers excel in a wide variety of fields:


Interlaken Retail and Residential Security Guards

Interlaken’s population has been ranked 15th in the United States for city with low-educated but high-earning individuals.  Although graduate percentiles are not particularly high, Interlaken is known for its competitive public college campaigns and aggressive retail environment.  In terms of property value, Interlaken has also been reported to have a median house value 15% higher than state average.  In light of this, property insurance and security services should be considered in order to protect what has been dutifully earned.  The following services are offered by First Security to help residential and retail environments stay safe:


  • Campus Security: With proper protection, funding, and resources, the population’s investment in educational practices will grow.  First Security can shape a safe, inviting environment for any educational facility or campus.
  • Mall Security: Shoplifting harms all elements of the retail environment.  First Security offers staff protection, customer supervision, and parking enforcement services for retail centers and malls.
  • Armed and Unarmed Security Guards   
  • Cannabis consultations


In addition to these services, you should be aware that vehicle patrol, surveillance, and other personal security methods to protect your home and neighborhood are available through First Security.


Interlaken Institutional and Corporate Security Services

Due to the fact Interlaken’s population is larger than most of the surrounding districts, it has vast economic involvement with a multitude of industries.  Luckily, First Security is prepared to offer services that will satisfy the needs of any institutional site:


  • Government and Corporate Services: To both of these we offer execute protection.  Similarly to office building services, we recognize how essential it is to keep a maintained working space.  First Security works to protect against vandalism, break-ins and other compromising intrusions.
  • Bank Security:  Since banks are unfortunately likely targets for crime, our security officers are trained to handle any given situation.  First Security offers both officers that handle weaponry and those who do not.  In either scenario, all situations will be handled with the utmost professionalism.
  • Healthcare Security:  In dealing with patients and staff we guarantee a safe, undisturbed atmosphere for medical practice.  First security monitors all individuals entering and leaving the premises to prevent any disruptions from occurring.

First Security recognizes the need for able professionals to always be on top of things, which is why we employ the best modern technology and proven tactics for each and every service we provide, ensuring the best possible security presence available on the market.


Interlaken Private Security Guards

Every service First Security offers is executed flawlessly.  This level of expertise will be no different from institutional to retail or from retail to personal security services. First Security offers personal services such as bodyguard protection, vehicle patrol and property-watch for anyone in need of protection.  The security guards assigned to your contract will be welcoming to your every need.


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Ensuring the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and your co-workers has never been easier.  First Security has served North California for over 40 years with excellence and professionalism, proving to be more than adequate to handle any job.  See for yourself and speak with our team of consultants who will guide you through the flexible, hassle-free process.  To contact us you may call the Santa Cruz district’s phone line at 1-800-778-3017, or at your own convenience, submit the form located on First Security’s homepage for a free service quote.  When it comes to the security of family and community, one should not settle for second-rate.  Simply put: First Security is reliable and efficient.  Don’t hesitate to contact us; you deserve to feel secure about the security service you are using.


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