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Realizing that there has been a major growth in population in Isleton in the last five years, we are also alert to the fact that more people, homes and businesses attract those who steal, as well. The most common crime in the U.S., according to the FBI, is property crime—and anyone can become a victim.


Regardless of your income level or size of your business, you can only benefit by including some form of private security service to your property protection plan. If you are interested in what we can offer you within your budgetary requirements, give us a call today at 1-800-778-3017.


Isleton Private Security Guards & Services


What Are the Most Popular Security Services in the Isleton Area?


There are three main types of security that both insurance companies and law enforcement believe are most useful for the private sector.

  • Interactive Camera Monitoring – A hidden camera allows every area of your property to be viewed either by a security company or by yourself on any computer monitor, even while you are not on the premises. This is generally an enhancement to an alarm or guard service protection.
  • Alarm Response Guard – A trained Private Security Guard responds to your activated alarms at any time of the day or night. They are prepared to investigate and take the action necessary to protect your property, verify the validity of the alarm with the police and secure your property until you can arrive.
  • Patrol Guards – Both stationary private security guards and vehicle patrol guards create a visible presence and deter would-be criminal activity, lower hot tempers before they escalate out of control. They also assist in the protection of customers and employees.

Are Property Crimes Decreasing in the Isleton Area?

According to the FBI, there has been a trend across the country showing that all crimes, property crimes included, are going down.


However, within those generalities, there is a startling statistic showing that the Northern California area in and around Sacramento is actually going up.  In addition to that, the state reports that most crimes are property crimes.


There is a bright spot in all this gloomy news, however.


A report from the National Institute of Justice in a study involving Five Metropolitan Districts including Los Angeles and Orange County police right here in California sending in their CSI teams to recover DNA from property crime scenes reports 89% of DNA collected at property crime scenes is touch DNA.

  • According to the NIJ report, suspects that were identified and arrested doubled.
  • Cases accepted for prosecution doubled
  • Suspects who were identified by DNA testing were discovered to be on a career path in property crime activity.
  • DNA was twice as effective as fingerprint identification
  • In the Virginia study,  DNA collected at property crime scenes revealed a significant number of offenders were wanted for violent crime activity, as well. Virginia stated that they would have missed these offenders if they had only been running Violent Crime DNA comparisons.

What Do All These Facts Have to Do with Protecting Your Property?

With fewer dollars being designated for law enforcement activities, part of the responsibility for property protection falls back to the property owners.


Hiring a private security guard and service company in your local area ensures that you are getting the best possible price for the greatest amount of service.


Local companies are more familiar with the codes and regulations that security companies must meet which in turn provides you with a more responsible partner.


Our security guards are trained in every facet of protecting your person, your home and your business.  And, each of our guards will gladly produce their Guard Card for your verification on request.


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