Isleton Temporary Security Guards For Hire

Isleton Temporary Security Guards For Hire

Isleton Temporary Security Guards

If you need temporary security during your visit to Isleton contact First Security Services, one of the top executive protection companies in California. Our protection services are unique in that all of our security guards are either active or retired members of the Army, Marines, Navy or other federal protection agency. They’re also highly trained through our operational program.


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Whether you have an event planned or a public appearance to make, our temporary security guards will provide the ultimate protection. Using their experience, they are able to recognize any vulnerabilities or the possibility of a criminal act before it has a chance to happen. They’ll put a stop to any crime and secure any vulnerable areas at an event. They even help with crowd and traffic control, event logistics and planning, and any other tasks you might have such as setting up tables and chairs.


Contact First Security Services at 800-778-3017 to learn more about our temporary security services. There’s no doubt about it, we can keep you and all others safe through our temporary security! We will even provide you with a FREE quote when you call and talk with one of our agents, or fill out the online form to receive your FREE quote through email.We service the Isleton and surrounding areas.

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