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As can be expected of any city, large populations contain large amounts of crime.  Live Oak’s population rests around 17,158 people with a crime index of about 4.29%.  There many factors attributed to high crime rates, however in this situation there are no particular influences apparent.  The cost of living may be 53% higher than the national average but in comparison to California it actual falls 14% lower.  In terms of income, there is an average of lower yielding households but this should not be thought of as an instigator.  Like any city, these set-backs must be anticipated and security measures should be sought.


Live Oak Private Security Guards & Services


First Security recognizes these potential dangers and offers a practical, affordable, and highly-esteemed solution: an elite fleet of well-trained security officials who excel in a wide variety of fields.  The following are First Security’s largest available security guard services:


Live Oak Retail and Residential Security Guard Services

Live Oak’s population density is pleasantly average, approximately 4416 people per square mile.  Residential areas are developed into nice neighbourhoods that are comfortably distanced from the retail segments in the area.  Since business locations and living quarters are so closely co-mingled, security threats for businesses become potential threats for homeowners as well.  With this in mind, all of the following security guards are applicable to private security efforts and home-based protection:


  •  Mall Security: Shoplifting is a very common and serious offense.  First Security offers staff protection, customer supervision, and parking enforcement services for retail centres and malls.
  • Food Industry Services: Restaurants are popular places for families and friends to gather, which is precisely why they need security service. Staff and customers must be reassured that they are dining in a safe environment for the experience to be enjoyable.  First Security allows for this to happen accordingly.
  • Armed and Unarmed Security Guards
  • Cannabis consultations


Although educational practices are not a large part of Live Oak’s immediate residential or retail economy, First Security still offers extensive packages for those interested in their related fields.


Live Oak Institutional and Corporate Security Services

A large portion of Live Oak’s economy rests on the manufacturing and agricultural movements.  During prime labour hours it is important to have supervision so that employers may confirm their employees are being productive and working under proper terms of conduct.  Also, in terms of safety and maintenance, supervision helps to protect corporate equipment.  A security presence may be useful for an array of reasons besides the ones mentioned, each specific to the institution:


  • Construction Site and Warehouse Security:  24 hour security aids in the protection efforts against vandalism, break-ins, and other intrusions.
  • Bank Security:  Banks are unfortunately susceptible to violent and abrupt acts of crime.  First Security officers are trained and experienced with demanding situations. Security officials are familiar with multiple forms of weaponry but are also trained to use other methods for protection.  In either scenario, all situations will be handled with the utmost professionalism.
  • Biotech Laboratory Security:  Research needs protecting just as people do.  We guarantee a safe and secure premise for all facilities.
  • Healthcare Security:  In dealing with patients and staff we guarantee a safe and nurturing atmosphere.  First Security works to anticipate disruptions for staff and patients alike.


Governmental security programs are also available by request.  We realize the institutional diversity of larger cities and adjust our services accordingly.


Live Oak Private Security Guards

We bring forth our best technology with methods proven in services such as bodyguard protection, vehicle patrol and property watch for private security as well.


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Ensuring the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and your co-workers has never been easier.  First Security has served North California for over 40 years with excellence and professionalism, proving to be more than adequate to handle any job.  See for yourself and speak with our team of consultants who will guide you through the flexible, hassle-free process.  To contact us you may call the Santa Cruz district’s phone line at 1-800-778-3017, or at your own convenience, submit the form located on First Security’s homepage for a free service quote.  When it comes to the security of family and community, one should not settle for second-rate.  Simply put: First Security is reliable and efficient.  Don’t hesitate to contact us; you deserve to feel secure about the security service you are using.


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