Marijuana Security in Long Beach

Long Beach is hard at work keeping cannabis-related businesses under control.

It was only 2016 when Long Beach locals swayed the vote, allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to pop up on their street. Albeit, with some rules; regulations capped the number at 32.

With recreational marijuana now on the market, a large number of Long Beach locals fought to keep it off their streets. However, when the City Council chose to legalize recreational marijuana sales, they kept the common attitudes in mind. That being said, only those businesses with a permit to sell medicinal marijuana would be allowed to also sell recreational marijuana.

Cannabis-related businesses (CRB) might not be on the rise in Long Beach, but security sure is. That’s because, with a high-demand product like marijuana on store shelves, business owners are noticing the need to amp up their security to keep their product—and themselves—safe.

What’s the answer?

When it comes to increased security, California’s First Security Services knew that something had to be done. Before most other security companies realized the need, First Security Systems was already well on their way to creating a new security division.

The division was called the Special Services Division, and their work would be solely dedicated to California’s cannabis industry, and all of its cannabis-related businesses. These marijuana security guards would be responsible for a whole plethora of skills and knowledge, which would enable them to protect local stores and their staff from a range of potential threats.

What kind of protection could they need?

This special services division wouldn’t just be standing around storefronts and wandering through their aisles (although they can certainly do that). In addition to being a strong presence in CRB, the individuals on this team are also responsible for keeping their local stores properly-regulated.

To do that, our team has taken the time to understand all of the regulated state laws that California CRB must follow, as well as the individual laws that are laid down by their specific city. By doing so, our team can help to recognize any missing protocol, deviance from legal standard practices, etc.

Essentially, a business that does not follow state and local laws is in just as much danger of closing, as a store that leaves its front doors open at night.

Some of the laws laid down by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), which must be followed by all CRB include:

  • Installing video surveillance systems
  • Installing proper locks on all doors and windows
  • Providing identification badges for all employees which must always be worn
  • Log books must be used by all employees

The Bureau of Cannabis Control website provides a detailed look into all of the laws set down by the council in Long Beach. The details are plenty; however, it is important that store owners follow these regulations if they want to have a legal and successful operation.

Protecting Your Product’s Journey

First Services Security knows that it’s not just a cannabis-related storefront that requires protection. While the site of actual sales is a huge focus, our special security division also recognizes the need for protection off-premises as well.

Our team provides security services wherever there is a potential for a threat, including:

  • While transporting inventory
  • Loading and unloading inventory
  • During the transportation of cash
  • While depositing money

Unfortunately, there have been instances of theft and violence across the state of California, where employees of CRB have been targeted while transporting cannabis products or while transporting money.

Our special security division ensures that no matter where you or your employees are, you will be safe and protected from potential threats and risks.

Who is this team anyways?

The special security division is made up of a group of talented, well-trained individuals who are most commonly ex-military. This means they have training and experience both in tactical and combat situations, and that they can perform under high-stress situations.

Additionally, they are also trained in:

  • Baton use
  • Taser use
  • Pepperball use
  • M.O.A.B or Management of Aggressive Behavior

While this certainly sets our team up for success when on the defense, the team is also trained to focus on force-free solutions before anything else. Physical force is only acceptable as a last effort to diffuse a situation.

Should our 420 security team not be on your premises when a situation arises, CRB-owners might want to consider our training options for employees. Our team is qualified to teach your employees how to protect themselves, and how to diffuse situations until additional help can arrive.

While we hope this is never required, it can offer some peace of mind for employers.

We Are Here to Help

We are available to help you put a cannabis security plan into action. Our team will arrive at your CRB for a consultation, where we’ll discuss your vision for your business and how you want things to be run.

During this time, we can point out potential problems inside your storefront or otherwise. Additionally, we may be able to highlight imperfect protocol practices or ways to improve the security of your business.

After a consultation, we’ll put together a risk management plan, which will be unique to your store and it’s specific needs. We know that every store is different, and that means creating comprehensive plans that will keep every store—as well as its employees and customers—protected.

Cannabis protection is important, but we’re most concerned about protecting the most valuable thing in your store safe —you and your workers! With that in mind, we only offer the best services. We never advertise our special division; instead, we let word of mouth do the talking for us.

CRB in the Long Beach area are made safer by our tried and true security services. We will never cut corners; safety is of the utmost importance, and we’re here to provide it.