Loomis Temporary Security Guards For Hire

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Loomis Temporary Security Guards

Finding the right temporary security guard services for your event in Loomis is very possible. At First Security Services we offer all types of protection services, for private or public events. We even offer personal bodyguards and armed security. All of our protection agents are trained, licensed and insured. They’re credibility is due to their experience in the military or protection government agency as well as their advanced training to become certified as a security or bodyguard.


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Why People Hire Security


There are an endless amount of reasons why people might hire temporary security guards. In fact, they’re great for many situations.


  • School tour groups
  • Special events
  • Award shows
  • Speech ceremonies
  • Sales and marketing events
  • Traffic control
  • Crowd control
  • Holiday events and shopping centers
  • Private parties
  • Conventions


Fortunately, hiring temporary security guards is cost effective and inexpensive. The protection received through First Security Services makes it easier for you to focus on the event or occasion. They’ll even manage traffic, help plan and setup for the event, and control the crowd.


It’s not wise to try and maintain a large group of people under any circumstances if you don’t have the proper security measures in place. Give us a call and we’ll perform a threat assessment and begin an issue prevention plan. Then, we’ll have our temporary security guards arrive on schedule to assist you with your event. Your event will go along much smoother and successfully with the sense of protection you feel from our temporary security services.


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