Los Angeles

As the second largest metro area in the entire country, it should come as no surprise that the City of Angeles is the second largest Cannabis market in the United States as well. This means that, perhaps even more so than in the state of California on whole, Los Angeles is in the throes of a new frontier in business. While this is an exciting moment for those endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit, the Cannabis Industry requires some serious legwork to operate comfortably within.

When First Security Services recognized the path that California’s Cannabis Industry would soon be taking, we took a step that almost no one else in the state took: we devoted an entire division of our company to Cannabis protection and created our Special Services Division. Instead of offering the same security services we would to any other business and slapping a different name on it, we actually took the time to thoughtfully investigate the needs of businesses operating in the Cannabis Industry in California on whole, as well as specific locations.

We don’t just offer a deterrent for potential crime, we provide a fully fleshed out Cannabis Security Plan—something Cannabis Related Business (CRB) owners will need in Los Angeles. This is not just due to the potential for crime, but to actual regulations as well.

There are a range of potential sectors within the Cannabis Industry, but the common thread is that each of them requires some form of security at varying levels and intensity. Most everyone is familiar with the sort of security necessary at a retail storefront, but fewer know what sort of security is appropriate for other CRB. Fortunately, business owners don’t have to spend hours researching their security needs when they can simply call the Special Services Division.

Our marijuana security guards are, for the most part, ex-military personnel or currently in the reserves, so they have received extensive training on the tactical and physical operations necessary for efficiently protecting a CRB facility. Some of the training and certifications our personnel receive include:

  • T.C.C.C or Tactical, Combat Casualty Care
  • Taser
  • Pepperball
  • Baton
  • M.O.A.B or Management of Aggressive Behavior

Each of these trainings is performed by a certified professional, so our guards receive the highest possible level of care as they further their tactical, weaponry, and de-escalation expertise. For many of these skills, we can also provide certificates to ensure clients that our personnel are confident in these areas of expertise. This allows the Special Services Division to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of 420 security on every single job, regardless of how tense it might become.

In addition to providing physical protection, our team understands the regulations of both the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) for the entire state of California, as well as the regionally specific requirements in Los Angeles. So while we are certainly capable of offering the sort of muscle-based security many picture when they hear the word guard, our services extend far beyond that.

The BCC has a host of regulations related to security that CRB licensees must follow in order to stay in good graces as well as avoid costly fines and penalties. These include considerations about:

  • Restricted access areas, and keeping a log of all who enter them
  • Employee badges
  • Video surveillance, particularly in the rooms required by the BCC
  • Locks and alarm systems which must meet minimum standards

Luckily for our clients, the fact that the Special Services Division was one of the first Cannabis security operations in California means that we are well versed in the standards laid out by the state, and we are more than capable of keeping businesses in compliance. The stress of potentially violating state regulations as they pertain to security never even has to be a thought for our clients.

On a more local level, Los Angeles has its own requirements that every CRB must follow. Not all of these regulations pertain directly to security, but some must be approached from that standpoint. Most immediately pressing is the fact that before the application for a license is approved, Los Angeles performs an inspection; part of that inspection includes approval of a security plan.

For CRB owners this may feel tedious right at the start, but the reality is that Los Angeles is protecting owners from the enormous stress that can ensue without a proper security plan. It’s better to be prepared for a situation that will never occur than be vulnerable to threats. That’s why we always encourage prospective clients to call us sooner than later—a security plan isn’t just an option in L.A., it’s a necessity for every CRB to even put down roots.

The process of developing a security plan with the Special Services Division begins with our consultation process. These allow us to take into account the specifics of every business so we’re better able to produce a specialized risk management plan.

Some concerns and risks are sweeping; these affect the entire industry. Others relate specifically to one business due to its building, location, or where it falls in the process of delivering Cannabis to consumers. After we make an initial assessment, we can suggest things like where to place video surveillance, how to transport valuable assets, and virtually anything else related to security.

When we say our security plans are comprehensive, it’s no over-statement. If a service falls within the bounds of security or protection, we’re equipped to perform it. Some such operations include:

  • Robust Site, Facility, or Residential Security
  • High Value Asset and Executive Protection
  • Security Operation Command (S.O.C) for monitoring facilities
  • Transportation Support for High Value Assets
  • Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (R.T.V.A), plus Cannabis Security Plans & Consultations
  • Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training

This is list just a taste of what clients can expect from the Special Services Division. The highly individualized nature of what we do allows us to meld our services to fit the specific needs of every CRB.

What truly sets the Special Services Division apart from other Cannabis Security companies is our specialization and early adoption. As a fully developed security company, being a branch of First Security services gives us the resources that many other Cannabis Security services simply don’t have access to. That’s because we’re not starting from scratch—we know security, and we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure we know the Cannabis Industry too.

Leaving a CRB vulnerable to security threats isn’t just a bad idea, it’s simply not an option in Los Angeles. Rather than place additional stress on business owners over the facility’s security, the Special Services Division can handle every aspect of Cannabis Security.

Don’t gamble with Cannabis Security—rely on a team that truly knows what they’re doing within the industry. To begin the process of heightened security, reach out to the Special Services Division at (408) 364-1110 or by email at rtongol@firstsecurityservies.com today.