Mall Security

Ah, the shopping mall. The place you can go to buy everything from a delicious meal in the food court, to designer clothing at half price, to the latest in consumer electronics. It is all available under one roof, even if you only plan on window shopping. Like any retail establishment theft and other types of crime are a reality at the shopping mall, however, they can be minimized with the presence of a good retail and mall security team.


Mall Security


It goes without saying that shopping malls have a ton of different types of merchandise. That is what makes them so attractive to buyers, and potential thieves. It takes a trained security professional to keep watch over these establishments and look out for any potentially suspicious or incriminating behaviors. Retail shrinkage is a major problem for these retailers, especially with the rise of online shopping, and mall security can work with the individual security teams of each store to help make sure that merchandise stays on store shelves until it is ready to be purchased by a paying customer.


Protecting the Common Areas

A mall’s common areas can also be a breeding ground for various types of unwanted behavior that negatively impacts the establishments and shopping experience if there is no one patrolling the area. Everything from vandalism and theft to riding skateboards, scooters, and rollerblades in the building can be prevented by hiring on security. Often, the sight of a vigilant security professional is enough to stop these scenarios before they even have a chance to start. Building a reputation as a safe and enjoyable place to shop and work helps to attract customers, retailers, and job seekers to your establishment.


Security guards also act as customer facing liaisons of the shopping mall. Because they work out in the public spaces of the mall, customers feel safe approaching a security guard to ask questions or request directions to their favorite retail establishments. Having a highly trained security staff on the floor and parking makes your business look good and your customers feel secure.


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