Marijuana Video Surveillance

What kind of Cannabis business do you have? Maybe you have a small retail space or a massive grow facility with various distributors. No matter what type of company you have within the marijuana industry, they are all impacted by a rapidly thriving industry requiring a significant amount of organization, operation, and security.

You already know the number of legal regulations you have had to meet to even consider growing or selling Cannabis, and how strictly the industry enforces their policies and laws. Whether a business is located in Texas or California the one thing these states (and all states) have in common, is they are required to have video surveillance operations. These systems have to monitor the facility at all times, 24/7.

In this article, we are going to discuss the challenges and reasons why video surveillance is crucial to your marijuana business operation.

The Security Threats Associated With Cannabis

The threat of security breaches is genuine and not uncommon within this industry. From theft and robbery to employee complications and transport of product. Here are the most common security threats that video surveillance can prevent or alleviate.

  • Loss Prevention - Thieves are clever, and they use all kinds of tactics to trick or distract your employees. They may work in teams or do their dirty work solo. It only takes one question about the strain of weed behind the employee for a customer to lift a bud off of the strain they were just looking at. Security video monitoring can detect these kinds of tactics and are helpful in the loss prevention operations of your business. This is also helpful in the event an employee decides to get a little handsy with your product or profits. Video surveillance in the main retail spaces, registers, and stock spaces will deter customers and employees from making poor choices.
  • Operational Procedures Monitoring - A video surveillance system can help you monitor your grow spaces and evaluate your plants. You can watch the crop flourish, which will aid in how the plants are harvested and processed. This system can also ensure that your staff is following procedures in the care of the crop and isn’t missing any steps that might impact your high standards. Well placed cameras on the retail floor will ensure that your employees are also following procedures such as showing customers, the product and putting it away before showing the same customer a new product. Marijuana growing is an art, and surveillance can find any weaknesses in your processes, ensuring you have quality harvest season after season.
  • Check-in Remotely - By law, you need to be able to check on your business remotely, and be connected to the internet. This should give you peace of mind knowing that you can manage at a distance. You can ensure employees are following protocols or are offering high-quality customer service. Most systems allow you to check in on your business from a phone or tablet which is a game changer if you’re on vacation or out of town on business.

Security Equipment for Cannabis Businesses

There are requirements that businesses have to adhere to, from a quality and data standpoint. For example, the cameras have to be able to capture 15 frames per second and offer a 1280x720 pixels resolution. The system also has to provide a minimum of 13 GB of data each day. You’ll want to purchase a high-quality network to meet the regulations and protect your business.

Security Cameras

  • IP Videography - Look for IP video capture cameras which can transmit images across an IP network. This kind of camera will also be able to provide mobile viewing of the facility that you’ll need to be able to view your business on a mobile device. These type of cameras use fewer cables and wiring schematics than CCTV style systems and can be easier to install in hard to reach areas.
  • Full HD - Another feature of the camera should be full HD. This is a 1080p resolution which might be more than what is required by law in your area but worth it for a few reasons. First, you’ll be able to make out the distinguishing features of a person in question. Second, you will automatically be in compliance with state and city regulations. If you’re going to go through the expense and trouble to install cameras, go with the best.
  • Choosing a Lens - Choose a wide angle lens structure to capture the most information in one shot as possible. These are referred to as WDR (Wide Dynamic Range). These kinds of lens structures can help a camera image overcome issues like bad lighting and the effects of overexposure; say from the sun coming through a window. This lens, paired with HD capabilities, will give you the best chance at identifying good and bad practices within your business.
  • Protection - Consider “where” your cameras will be and whether they should be protected from outdoor elements or acts of vandalism. Your retailer will be able to show you options for protective housing for the cameras and also suggest optimal places to install them to minimize exposure and protect against vandals.

Mission Control

You have options in choosing the right control systems and software to manage your Cannabis business. What you’ll want to make sure is that it meets the proper regulations and offers you the best “view” of what is going on during the day to day operations. Here are some features of a quality video surveillance software system.

  • Quality Processing - Your software system should be perfectly paired with your camera and compatible on all levels. When you mix and match cameras and systems, you might end up with lost images, pixelation, dropped frames, and similar problems.
  • Enhancement Options - A quality system should allow you to do things like zoom or clarify, change contrast, etc. Even if the options are minimal by comparison to consumer video editing software, some basic options will ensure you can get as much from the images as possible.
  • Storage Capabilities - This is the most challenging part of a software system. By law, you will have to store at least 90-days worth of footage on your system without resorting to a cloud program. Some business insurers may even require you to have more. Talk with your retailer to find out how to maximize your storage onsite and how to maintain and manage that without losing crucial data.

First Security Services can help you sort through your video surveillance options to learn what will both protect your Cannabis business and get you in compliance with the state/local laws. Many of our clients opt to have us take over this portion of their business since it’s nearly a full- time endeavor and requires so much attention. We can also train you and your staff on how to use these systems, which will go a long way in making everyone feel confident onsite.

Call or connect with us today, and we can get started on your specific needs. If you would like us to pair those services with a qualified security guard program, we can also help you with that.