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In hiring a security company, you not only want a company that can provide well-trained guards and a variety of security services, but you also want a company that has a thorough understanding of the culture and needs of the city, as that has proven to lead to better protection.


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First Security Services provides security in Merritt that is immensely valuable and affordable, especially when you consider what you receive in return.


If you’re in need of Merritt security guards, First Security offers the following services:


Vehicle Patrol Services

We operate one of the largest private patrol operations in Merritt. First Security’s expert management team will work with you to assess your patrol needs and provide their professional opinions, making sure to meet your budget while not sacrificing on the quality of security.


Merritt Security Officers

First Security provides Merritt security guards that are the finest in the area. All of our guards are extensively trained and are continually working to upgrade and refine their skills. No one at First Security gets complacent!


General Overview of Merritt, California

Merritt, California is located in Yolo County and is considered to be an unincorporated community. It has an elevation of 56 feet above sea level.


It used to be spelled differently, as it was known as Meritt. In particular, in 1859, when its post office was built, it was called Meritt.


Oddly enough, only a year later in 1860, its post office was closed. It wasn’t until 1870 when it was reopened, but this time under the name of Merritt.


This time, the post office lasted longer than a year, but only four years at that, as it was only open from 1870 to 1873.


The name “Merritt” can be traced to Hiram P. Merritt, a person who ventured into Yolo County prior to 1859. Some believe that the initial spelling of “Meritt” was simply a mistake, with the person forgetting the extra “r.”


Merriit at one point played an important role in acting as a shipping center in which it helped to transport cattle to market through the railroad.


More specifically, Merritt, along with the nearby former settlement of Mullen, was once a farming town that was on the way from Woodland to Davis.


It’s important not to confuse Merritt with Lake Merritt, which is located in Oakland, California.


Due to Merritt’s small size and its status as an unincorporated community, there is not much statistical data available on it.


Merritt’s small size, as well as its isolation, means that it does not have much law enforcement present within it. As a rural area, which are common in Yolo County, “help” is not always readily available and the spread out nature of the population means that bystanders may not be able to spot crimes as they’re occurring.


Nonetheless, the residents of Merritt live simple lives, and the crime rate is not very high.


Some property crimes do occur in Merritt, but much of it is in terms of vandalism and other “harmless” types of crime.


Merritt is a nature lover’s dream, however, as some of the scenery within it and outside of it, are absolutely beautiful. One such example are the fields of sunflowers that are present within it.


First Security understands the security needs of Merritt and Yolo County in general and will be able to provide the very best in security services.


Merritt Residential, Retail, and Personal Security Services

First Security can help protect those in Merritt by providing the following specific security services:


  • Residential Security: The small amount of residents that do exist in Merritt live a peaceful lifestyle. Many of them still do a bit of farming, but nothing too major. The one danger with Merritt is that is an isolated area, like many of the areas in Yolo County, so help can take awhile to arrive at times. That’s why First Security Services always recommends installing advanced alarm systems. These alarm systems will be able to alert the authorities no matter how isolated the particular household is.
  • Points of Interest Security: There is a farmers market that is close by that occurs on most weekends of the year. Many of the residents venture there. In addition, the Yolo County Fair takes place once a year in August in Woodland. It’s extremely popular in the entire area, but it does require some security, as many of the visitors can get quite intoxicated at times.


By hiring First Security, companies, organizations, and institutions, both of the private and public variety, will be able to ensure that they’re provided professional protection in regards to:


  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Intrusions
  • Employee Safety
  • Customer Safety
  • Violent Crimes


Residents in Merritt should consider hiring First Security patrol services to make sure that their community and their homes always remain safe. In addition, a great service, especially given how small Merritt  is, would be to install alarm system. By installing the alarm systems, you will have 24/7 monitoring and will have the authorities at your doorstep as fast as possible should any break-ins occur!


What makes First Security stand out is that every single First Security officer has been trained extensively on weaponry, restraining strategies, and combat PLUS the ability to peacefully resolve situations. First Security works with each and every company to find out their particular security needs and what they expect the service to entail, even as it pertains to the behavior of the First Security officers.


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