Marijuana Security in Modesto

Modesto practices forward-thinking protocol after recreational marijuana is legalized.

In the city of Modesto, there are a handful of recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensaries catering to customers. For the most part, the businesses provide for both kinds of consumers, suggesting that the city is handling the new state laws with a sense of discovery, mixed with a sense of control.

While there are a handful of the stores right in the downtown, most were required to stay outside of the buzzing core. Additionally, none of the stores could be within 600- feet of schools and youth centers, and they had to be at least 100-feet away from homes.

The zoning laws seemed to be a focus for this city, but other businesses had something else on their minds. With an increase in accessibility of marijuana, a rise in potential danger and risk also grew.

What was the answer?

First Security Services was one of the first to recognize the need for increased security and protection of cannabis-related businesses (CRB). Having such a high-demand product become so accessible opened up stores to potential risks, including theft and violence.

In order to stop this trend before it even began, First Security Services started to put a plan into action. They began to gather some of their best team members and created a new division called the Special Services Division.

This division would be the first of its kind, focused only on the California cannabis industry, and all of the CRB within the state of California.

This specialized team would work alongside business in the city of Modesto, ensuring that the businesses were run safely and properly. The division would dedicate all time to this mission, to ensure that the city and its residents were able to enjoy the new laws without being exposed to dangerous situations.

Putting a team together

Putting this team together meant choosing the best of the best. All of the men and women in the special services division would have serious tactical and combat skills, as well as the ability to work well under pressure.

Even in high stress situations, these men and women would be able to use their military experience to diffuse any dangerous situations. Other skills they were trained in for this job include:

  • Use of baton
  • Proper use of tasers
  • Pepperball use
  • Management of Aggressive Behavior
  • Combat Casualty Care

It sounds dangerous, but having these skills can lower the chance for risks. Additionally, every individual on the team understands that physical force is the very last answer in every situation. Only when all other peaceful avenues have been exhausted can physical force become necessary.

Additional Services to Consider

Aside from offering strength and intimidation, our team provides these services as well:

  • Robust Site, Facility, or Residential Security
  • Security Operation Command for monitoring facilities
  • Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Cannabis Security Plans and Consultations
  • Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training
  • ...and more

Considering All the Angles

Even though people often hear security and think of large guards patrolling stores and bars, we do so much more than that for our clients.

This is especially true for the special security division, who must be able to provide security for more than just a storefront. With a high-demand product like cannabis, security must also be provided during daily production tasks, including:

  • Unloading product
  • Displaying product
  • Transporting deposits
  • Transporting inventory
  • Opening up and locking up

In addition to providing protection on a number of levels, our team is also trained to understand and recognize all of the state laws as laid down by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), and the laws set down by the city of Modesto.

These laws must be followed by every CRB, to ensure that a business is safe, and that it is run properly. Our marijuana security guards not only want to keep you safe, but they want to keep you in business as well.

That being said, our cannabis security plans include the ability to recognize what a business needs to do and/or improve, in order to meet state and city laws. Some laws that you might be familiar with include:

  • Installing proper video surveillance around the property that runs 24/7
  • Handing out proper identification badges to all employees
  • Utilizing proper log books for employees
  • ...and more

Getting Started

If you’re thinking about opening up a CRB in Modesto, our 420 security is prepared to protect every aspect of your business. We provide full consultations for business owners, where we can discuss your plans for your business, and what you’ve done so far to meet state/city laws.

Going forward, we’ll plan out a risk management plan, which will highlight all of the places we see potential for risks or threats. This will include potential threats both in safety, as well as in proper business protocol.

We want business owners to keep in mind that staying safe isn’t just about cannabis protection. You’re just as likely to be put out of business by a surprise audit, as you are to be closed down by a thief.

In the city of Modesto, successful CRB follow all the proper practices, to ensure that they stay in business for many years to come. We all want the same thing, and that’s a clean, well-run city that serves its residents well.

Spreading the Word

We are serious about providing quality security to the state of California, and the city of Modesto. However, we never advertise our services; instead, we let word of mouth do the talking for us.

That way, we can focus on what really matters: Helping our local businesses to be safe and successful all year-round.