Monterey Crime Increases, Causes & Solutions

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In the latest installment on our CALSAGA blog we took at look at some of the crime issues that have recently become a topic of community safety in the Monterey. While no one would characterize Monterey as a “dangerous city” in which to live, it still lags behind state and national averages when it comes to crime, especially for violent crime and property crime.


Some examples of recent crime in Monterey Country are referenced as examples of some of the potential dangers of ignoring an increase in crime, such as what is occurring in many parts of the state.


Many are quick to point to the realignment of California prisons as a potential cause for the recent surge, especially for property crimes. The law, called AB 109, was signed into effect in 2011 and shifted a portion of the state’s prison inmates to the responsibility of county departments in order to relieve the strain of overcrowded state facilities. The move is seen by critics as simply moving the problem to another understaffed agency, rather than offering a solution to a statewide problem.


In an article by the Sacramento Bee, a report was presented that offered some evidence of a link between prison realignment and property crimes in California.


What Cities In California Are Doing In Response


Community solutions to citywide crime issues have been popular in California in the wake of recent crime increases. Police departments are now trying to use technology to leverage their resources, turning toward options like crowdfunded witness services and surveillance recordings. We previously discussed how neighborhoods in Oakland have hired private security guards to maintain the safety of their communities.


Another factor that is mentioned as part of the increasing crime trend is the current state of the economy, which always seems to be on the radar when crime statistics are involved. While the economy plays a role in just about everything we do in life, the nature of crime is complex and it’s difficult to attribute an increase, even in a specific area, to one particular cause.


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