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Monterey Body Guards

Our professional bodyguard services within Monterey welcome one and all that want access to different types of protection provided here. Our bodyguards are all highly advanced and knowledgeable to detect, prevent and stop various threats. We provide numerous personal bodyguard services for corporations, public speakers, private individuals and so on.


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All the bodyguards for hire that we work with provide armed bodyguard services to ensure that you’re safe from any immediate threats. We specialize in provided individualized services to match the client with the specific personal bodyguard that matches their needs. The bodyguard protection can be done to minimize the attention that you get while using them in public settings. Our personal bodyguards for hire quickly scan the area for threats, eliminating any from the area for the utmost in safety.


Give us a call to find out more regarding the bodyguard security that we provide. Whether you want a few for an event, or a private bodyguard; we have many trained individuals that can provide you with the security needed.


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