Neighborhood Watch Security

The neighborhood watch is a noble bonding of neighbors coming together to ensure the safety and security of their community. Joining your local neighborhood watch shows commitment to your home, your community, and yourself, but going on an evening patrol by yourself could be dangerous. You never know what type of criminal could be hiding out in a dimly lit alley or alcove waiting to snatch a purse or worse. If you feel a bit uneasy about making this evening journey yourself, you should consider hiring a trained security professional.




Anyone can be a useful member of their neighborhood watch when they are accompanied by a uniformed security professional. Knowing that someone with the proper training and expertise to handle any type of dangerous situation is watching enables the frailest elderly woman, or biggest bodybuilder to be equally effective patrolling, observing, and reporting back on what they find. The more eyes on the neighborhood, the safer it will be for everyone.


Keep Your Community or Neighborhood Safe

The goal of a neighborhood watch program is to make sure the community is kept safe by observing and reporting suspicious behavior. Security professionals are trained to recognize any type of odd or suspicious behavior that an untrained person may not pick up on. This makes them an incredibly valuable asset to any neighborhood watch program. If small signs of wrongdoing are caught quickly it could help to prevent larger problems before they happen.


Never underestimate the visual impact of having uniformed security personnel patrolling a neighborhood. This acts as a very powerful crime deterrent. Criminals will move along to another community because if they cause trouble in your neighborhood they will get caught. You and the other members of your community will feel safe and secure in knowing anyone can walk down the street without fear.


Are you looking to put together a neighborhood watch program? Do you already have a neighborhood watch program in place, but feel like it could be more effective by hiring a private security firm to help? Give First Security Services a call. We can work with you to create a custom security solution that works for you and your community. We have been an industry leader in Northern California for over 50 years. We have over 600 highly trained and experienced security professionals to handle any size community. We have worked with individuals, businesses, industrial complexes, school districts, and government facilities. Contact us today either by phone at 1-800-778-3017 or by using our online contact form for a free quote.