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Nicasio is an unincorporated rural region in Marin County that has no legal boundaries and spans over 30 square miles. In spite of its sizable chunk of rural land, the community of Nicasio has less than 250 homes.




The major landmark of the area is the Nicasio reservoir and the area contains four major drainages for the Nicasio Creek. Much of the land in Nicasio is used for agriculture.


First Security Services has provided security guards for Marin County and the Nicasio area for more than 30 years. Our experience and commitment to the community are second to none. Contact us today to find out more about the comprehensive security solutions we offer in Nicasio.


Fill out the online submission form with your security request to receive a free quote today, or call us at 1-800-778-3017 to hire security guards in Nicasio!


Campus, Construction and Warehouse Security Guards


  • Campus security guards

Protecting the educational facilities of the communities we serve is one of our top priorities at First Security Services. Our campus and school security guards are equipped with top of the line training and the latest in wireless security technology.


  • Construction site security

A natural by-product of working in the construction industry is that you have expensive equipment sitting unattended at a work site for large portions of a project. Our security guards have guarded all types of construction locations and are available for standard patrol and overnight security as well.


  • Warehouse and manufacturing security guards

Our facilities patrol guards are quite simply the best in the business. This is a product of our extensive security training program, as well as our focus on maintaining the latest technology available for our security staff. All of our security guards are state certified and equipped with the latest training and technology.


Security Solutions From First Security Services


Few security guard firms can match the experience or range of services provided by First Security Services. As a full service security guard provider in Nicasio, we are proud to offer the following security solutions:


  • Retail security guards and loss prevention
  • Traffic direction and parking enforcement
  • Personal protection and bodyguards
  • Residential and commercial security guards
  • Special events security guards and crowd management
  • Mobile patrol and alarm monitoring
  • Corporate security and executive protection
  • Shopping center and mall security guards
  • Apartment complex and gated community security
  • Hospital, bank and government building security guards
  • Cannabis security


These are just a few of the many services we offer in Nicasio. Contact us with your security request using the online submission form to get a free quote or call us today at 1-800-778-3017!


Looking For Security Guard Jobs In Nicasio?

At First Security Services, we are always looking for qualified security professionals to add to our talented team. Visit our Nicasio security guard jobs page to apply today!


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