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Orangevale Executive Protection

The more attention you are given by the media, the more likely it is that you’ll need executive security from one of the top executive protection companies in California. It’s unfortunate that you must walk around Orangevale feeling as though your safety is compromised due to your success. First Security Services is here to provide you with the ultimate executive security services in the state. With over five decades of experience in executive protection services, let our professionals handle your personal security needs.


A highly trained executive protection agent can keep you safe. Our agents have experienced the even the highest rated criminal activities during their time with law enforcement and the military. They are well equipped to handle any situation that may pose a threat to you and your loved ones and can even spot vulnerabilities to help stop a crime before it’s committed. We even provide discreet executive protection so that you and your loved ones can carry on about your day without worry.


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VIP Security Services We Provide to Executives

  • Celebrity Bodyguards
  • Personnel Security
  • Traveling Teams (Domestic/International)
  • Corporate Security
  • Estate Protection Agents
  • Public Figure Protection


We look forward to keeping you safe. Give us a call at 800-778-3017 and we will begin assessing the level of security necessary for your circumstances. Then, we will give you a FREE quote based on the information given to us.


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