Overnight Security – Grave Shift

No matter how much hustle and bustle happens at your place of business when your doors are open, things tend to get very quiet at night. The lights are down and the doors are locked, but that doesn’t mean that everyone plans to wait until the morning to try and enter the premises. Would be burglars vandals and other criminals oftentimes choose the cover of darkness to gain unauthorized entry to a building to do their dirty work. Because of this, it is important to consider your overnight security.  Even if you do business 24 hours a day, such as in a hotel, it is still necessary to protect yourself.





Even if a business is closed for the evening, there are often people who need to have access such as overnight janitorial staff, vendors and delivery people. A security professional stationed at the entrance will check credentials and maintain logs, only allowing authorized personnel in the building. A uniformed security person at the front door also alerts possible criminals that this business takes their security and safety seriously. Criminals prefer easy targets, and making it known that a security detail is watching will cause most wrongdoers to move on to another mark.


How Overnight Security Safeguards a Property

Overnight security can also physically and electronically keep watch over the premises by doing foot patrols and observing video monitors and other electronic access control devices. Coupled with a good electronic alarm system, a security team can ensure that no unauthorized access to the property can be gained. You can be confident that equipment, supplies, or inventory is secure.


Even if your business is open overnight, experienced security professionals are trained to look for any type of suspicious behavior or activity. Spotting trouble before it starts is essential to maintaining control and handling any threat that may arise quickly and discreetly, preventing theft, property damage or dangerous situations. Your customers, and employees will feel like their safety matters to you.


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