Marijuana Security Guards in Oxnard

Located just off the coast of Southern California, Oxnard is a popular destination for surfing enthusiasts and beach-goers. Located just 60 miles northwest of Lost Angeles, the busy city is well-known for its production of sweet strawberries and other agricultural endeavors.

While people flock to the area for its spectacular farmer’s markets, locals have been wondering about the introduction of the latest legalized product in California: Marijuana. After the Adult Use of Marijuana Act was passed (AUMA), there was no way to know how the city’s business culture would end up looking.

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana, a number of cannabis-related businesses (CRB) have been popping up across the city. Many offer both medicinal and recreational options, as well as online orders and delivery services.

With so many businesses arriving or expanding in Oxnard, there has been a great deal of discussion about the security of these businesses, and the people who work within them. As recreational marijuana flourishes in Oxnard, changes are being made to keep this industry safe.

First Security Services

First Security Services provide protection to the greater California area. Amidst the changes going on in the state, our security company recognized the growing need for increased protection and more robust security in and around cannabis-related businesses.

As a product that has been in high demand for a long time, and as a product that is often bought with cash, marijuana products and the people who sell them require a greater level of protection. At First Security Services, we knew it was important to implement a special task force for the cannabis industry in California.

Special Services Division-Cannabis Security and Protection

The growing number of businesses in Oxnard certainly improves the economy, and also opens up the door for more entrepreneurs to get into the market. However, more marijuana dispensaries in the city mean greater accessibility to the product.

First Security Services created a Special Services Division, which would be focused on cannabis protection and 420 security for cannabis-related businesses and their employees.

These marijuana security guards are comprised of men and women who are mainly prior and/or Retired or Reserve Military Personnel. Additionally, the team also includes individuals who have been properly trained and vetted in the cannabis industry.

This division has been specifically trained in the following fields:

  • T.C.C.C (Tactical, Combat Casualty Care) as certified by the NORCAL MEDTAC
  • Pepperball
  • Baton
  • Taser
  • M.O.A.B (Management of Aggressive Behavior)

What separates this team from the rest, is their specialized training in access control. All training has been performed in accordance with the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), as well as in accordance with County and City Cannabis Regulations.

This Special Services Division is trained in high-stress situations, and they are prepared for a variety of situations that can occur both on business property and off. Although they are trained in weapon use and combat, they are trained to only use force as a last resort. The main goal is to keep everyone safe and to protect cannabis-related businesses from theft, violence, and loss.

All staff in the Special Services Division have been educated to understand the cannabis culture, as well as the vast range of information within Cannabis Operations and protocols.

Being able to understand the industry as well as the customers helps our team to be as efficient as possible at keeping these Oxnard businesses safe.

Services Provided by the Special Services Division

This special team offers a range of services to the cannabis industry in Oxnard. They include:

  • Robust Site/Facility Security
  • Residential Security
  • Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (R.T.V.A)
  • Retail Security Guards
  • Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training
  • Grow Ops (Operations) Security
  • Armed and Unarmed Private Security
  • Armed and Unarmed Private Security
  • Security Operation Command (S.O.C)
  • High-Value Asset Transportation Support
  • ...and more.

The Special Services Division recognizes that the cannabis industry requires much more than just storefront protection and surveillance cameras. While those things are certainly important, all of the aforementioned services can also be of great use to cannabis-related businesses and their workers.

Implementing Protection in Your Business

Our Special Services Division provides consultations to cannabis-related businesses in the city of Oxnard. During these consultations, the team is able to assess the business’s current situation and make owners aware of the potential risks that could put them in danger.

In addition to recognizing potential threats to the business, the team is also capable of recognizing when a business is not following proper protocol. That’s because the Special Services Division has been educated about all cannabis-related state laws, as well as specific county and city laws.

With this knowledge, our team has the capacity to make suggestions regarding the laws that are non-negotiable for cannabis-related businesses in California. Some of these things include:

  • Having identification badges for all employees
  • Implementing surveillance cameras around the property
  • Issuing logbooks for employees to fill out, in order to keep track of access

After a consultation, a cannabis security plan will be put in place; one that will enhance the safety of the overall business, as well as ensuring that all laws are being followed.

Both aspects are necessary for a risk management plan if a cannabis-related business in Oxnard is to run successfully and safely for years to come.

Marijuana Security in Oxnard

We are proud to be one of the very first Cannabis Security Forces in California with security “best practices”. Although our approach to marijuana security is being shared across the country, we remain a “referral-only” business.

We do not advertise our services; instead, word-of-mouth does the talking for us. We prefer satisfied clients to share their experiences with others, and that has allowed us to work with so many amazing people in the city of Oxnard.