Parking Lot Security

Did you know that between 2004 and 2008 1 in 10 property crimes were committed in parking lots and parking garages? That is a pretty significant statistic. The worst part of this situation is that most of those crimes were likely committed in parking areas that had security cameras. How can you avoid these types of problems? Having a uniformed security professional patrol your parking areas can greatly reduce the chances of these types of crimes from being committed.




Let’s face it, parking garages and parking lots can be pretty scary places, especially at night! They are often dimly lit, with plenty of shadow for potential purse snatchers, and other types of criminals to hide out and wait for an easy target to come by. Even the bravest of us tend to feel their breath quicken when walking through a dark parking lot. You can make your employees, visitors, customers, and other associates feel more secure knowing that trained parking lot security guards have their eye on the area.


Hire Professional Security to Secure Your Parking Lot

An experienced and highly trained uniformed security guard provides a strong visual deterrent to crime. Criminals will think twice about doing their dirty work in an area that is protected by more than a few security cameras. They will move on to an easier mark, such as a business without any type of security in their parking areas.


Security professionals are trained to look out of any type of suspicious behavior. This enables them to head off most potential trouble before it even has a chance to happen. If a criminal act were to be committed, you can be sure that it will be handled quickly. If you have a retail business, a security presence in the parking areas makes shoplifting a much less attractive proposition as well. Not only does a would-be thief have to make it out of the store with merchandise, but they must also make it past the parking area’s security detail.


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