Pharmaceutical/Biotech Security Guards & Services

Many unique security challenges are faced in health systems, hospitals, pharmaceutical, and biotech research facilities. There is a flow of personnel, staff, patients, and visitors in an environment that can be hectic, fast-paced, and requires strict attention to confidentiality. First Security Services understands this unique need. We have experience in the smaller, private realm, the larger, complex public facility, and a variety of university settings.


Typical pharmaceutical security guards and vehicle patrol role:


  • Patrol facility and man guard post
  • Serve as a general security presence
  • Attend to client rule infractions
  • Watch for and monitor suspicious activities
  • Watch for criminal acts or client rule infractions
  • Watch for potential threat(s) to the property, client, or employees
  • Report all incidents, accidents or medical emergencies
  • Respond to emergencies, such as medical and/or bomb threats
  • Know and follow emergency response proceedings for fire and intrusion