Placerville Executive Protection Specialist

Placerville Executive Protection Specialist

Placerville Executive Protection

The reality of the high-level professional is that they take a certain amount of risk by the sheer virtue of their status and position. Whether they’re a CEO, a political figure, a celebrity or any other type of highly visible figure, they still deserve the same discretion, protection and safety as anyone else. You don’t have to sacrifice your security, privacy and personal autonomy just because you chose to get ahead in life. First Security Services offers the Placerville executive community a wide and comprehensive range of executive protection services, including but not limited to:


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  • Corporate Security
  • Private Bodyguard Details
  • Temporary Security Guards
  • Armed Bodyguard Services
  • Executive Protection
  • VIP Protection
  • Unarmed or Armed Bodyguards and Security
  • Personal Protection
  • Celebrity Protection and More


There is so much more we’re able to provide to those who come to us for security. It’s important to remember that the people you care about may also be vulnerable to security threats. First Security Services is ready to help protect and defend the important people in your life. Call us today at 800-778-3017 so we can discuss your security needs and what we can do to meet them.


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