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In hiring a security company, you not only want a company that can provide well-trained guards and a variety of security services, but you also want a company that has a thorough understanding of the culture and needs of the city, as that has proven to lead to better protection.


Pleasant Grove private security services


First Security Services provides security in Pleasant Grove that is immensely valuable and affordable, especially when you consider what you receive in return.


If you’re in need of Pleasant Grove security guards, First Security offers the following services:


Vehicle Patrol Services

We operate one of the largest private patrol operations in Pleasant Grove. First Security’s expert management team will work with you to assess your patrol needs and provide their professional opinions, making sure to meet your budget while not sacrificing on the quality of security.


Pleasant Grove Security Officers

First Security provides Pleasant Grove security guards that are the finest in the area. All of our guards are extensively trained and are continually working to upgrade and refine their skills. No one at First Security gets complacent!


General Overview of Pleasant Grove, California

Pleasant Grove, California is an interesting area, as it is considered to be a community that is unincorporated in Sutter County, California. This is reflected in its extremely small population, which numbers under 1,000 at just 892. However, it has a total land mass of 60.608 square miles, giving it a population density of 15 per square mile. It is a rural area, with lots of farm land and agriculture present that it’s economy is based off of, as evident in these numbers.


It’s an area though with an extremely healthy economy, as its median household income is $81,806. This is much higher than the State of California’s average of $58,328. This is also much higher than the national average, which is $53,046.


The average median age in Pleasant Grove is 45.9 years, meaning that it has an older demographic, especially considering that the national median is 37.2 years. Considering that it is a rural area with many of its residents involved in farming, this is not surprising.


Despite being a rich area with an older skewing population, the crime rate in Pleasant Grove is not low at all. It has a violent crime number of 35.8 on a scale of 1 to 100 and a property crime number of 40. The respective national averages are 41.4 and 43.5. This shows that, while Pleasant Grove does not have above average crime rates, it’s just about average. The fact that it is a spread out area with such a small population means that many of the crimes can take place away from help in isolated areas. This makes the crime numbers a bit troubling.


The history of Pleasant Grove is certainly unique, as it started off as a wagon and freight shop. Soon afterwards, the community was given the nickname of Gouge-Eye right when a saloon fight took place in which a man had his eye gouged out by another patron.


First Security understands the security needs of Pleasant Grove and Sutter County in general and will be able to provide the very best in security services.


Pleasant Grove Residential and Farming Security Services

First Security can help protect those in Pleasant Grove by providing the following specific security services:


  • Retail Security: There are few stores in the area, though there is a supermarket and a general store present. Many of the residents there go to other nearby areas if they’re interested in visiting a restaurant, bar, or cafe, as well as a shopping center.
  • Residential Security: As a rural community, Pleasant Grove is tight-knit, yet spread out. Many of its residents own a large amount of acres due to it being farm land, meaning that many are isolated from their neighbors and the general population. What this means is that the danger of a home invasion or vandalism occurring is compounded by the fact that there will be no one nearby to help out or to spot anything. First Security Services will be able to provide security patrols if needed, as well as can help to install the very latest in alarm system services. These alarm systems offer timely response times that can provide law enforcement officials to your home as fast a possible.
  • Farming Security: Since there are large pockets of farm land present in Pleasant Grove, security patrols may be needed to make sure that nothing has been purposely damaged, as well as to act as a deterrent. Thieves and vandals are far less likely to tamper with farm land if they know that security is present or nearby.


By hiring First Security, companies, organizations, and institutions, both of the private and public variety, will be able to ensure that they’re provided professional protection in regards to:


  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Intrusions
  • Employee Safety
  • Customer Safety
  • Violent Crimes


Workers and small business owners can better perform knowing that they’re being safeguarded at all times.


What makes First Security stand out is that every single First Security officer has been trained extensively on weaponry, restraining strategies, and combat PLUS the ability to peacefully resolve situations. First Security works with each and every company to find out their particular security needs and what they expect the service to entail, even as it pertains to the behavior of the First Security officers.


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