Police Response Times & Expanding Services To Stockton

Our latest CALSAGA blog post focuses on police response times and some of the difficulties in determining accurate statistics. Some of the factors that make it difficult to come up with accurate numbers for emergency response times include a lack of established metrics, difficulty in determining when an officer arrived at a scene, and the different ways in which departments define “emergencies”.


We also examine the national police emergency response time, which is around 10 minutes–though this varies widely based on a number of factors. (For example, rural areas have longer response times than suburban areas and smaller cities will have better times than larger cities.)


For more information on assessing the performance of local police departments, see the technical reports from Rand, which is a nonprofit that works to improve and report on police policy, decision making and performance.


As part of our expansion, we’ve recently extended our service area to include all of Stockton and San Joaquin County. With more than 25 years experience providing physical security and crime prevention, we’ve managed safety issues for a number of companies, individuals and communities throughout California.


We feel our services will be especially helpful in the Stockton due to the high level of certain types of crime (see link below), coupled with the fact that the Stockton Police Department has had issues with recruiting and maintaining staffing due to budget cuts.


Stockton Security Resources


Financial Challenges & Police Departments – An article written by Eric Jones (the Stockton Chief of Police) that covers some of the challenges faced by departments that are dealing with a reduced budget and the solutions he’s implemented to address public safety through difficult financial times.


Stockton Neighborhood Crime Information – Search crime rates, statistics and incidents in Stockton. This resource allows you to find crime data across a wide array of categories, including information about specific neighborhoods and communities.