Private Securityin 2018

General Overview

As the private security industry continues to evolve and adapt with changing social conditions and technology, so, too, will the overall private security trends. With technology developing at such a rapid pace, it’s not only wise, but also absolutely necessary, for security guard companies to be able to stay modernized. Doing so will not only allow them to meet the demands of their clients, but will also allow for better security to be provided.


Private Securityin 2018


Here are some of the main private security trends to look for in 2018:

An Increase in Remote Video Monitoring

Remote video monitoring already exists, of course, even for home security systems. But in 2018, you can expect many more companies and businesses to incorporate remote video monitoring as part of their security packages. Remote video monitoring brings with it a variety of benefits, which include:

  • Better coverage of the property;
  • Remote CCTV access through off-site locations;
  • Able to be used in conjunction with motion sensors and other triggers during non-work hours;
  • Ability to be stored in cloud-based databases, leading to decreases in storage costs.

Eventually, remote video monitoring will become the norm rather than the exception.

An Emphasis on Cyber Security

With cyber theft becoming more of a potential threat for businesses of all sizes, especially as businesses increasingly rely on the internet and other digital tools to conduct their operations, private security services are adapting to this change. In order to meet the needs of their clients, look for more private security services to provide an all-in-one security package that includes cyber security as well.

You can expect more private security guards to be trained in cyber security and have various IT skills as a result. This is so that they will be able to proactively prevent cyber theft and to also understand how to utilize the various advanced security software that is becoming commonplace.

The Use of Security Operations Management Systems

Another trend that will become more mainstream in 2018 is the use of security operations management systems. These systems, such as Trackforce’s GuardTek (see:, allow for a more comprehensive security guard and security services software system that companies can use. Some of the features of GuardTek are:

  • Office Status Monitoring
  • Interactive Real-Time Maps
  • GPS Geolocation
  • Daily Activity Report & Activity Log
  • Incident Reporting
  • Visitor Registration
  • Officer Dispatch
  • Message Center
  • Appending Videos and Images to Reports
  • Remote CCTV Monitoring

A security operations management system will be able to significantly enhance the level of private security within a company. These systems also have the added effect of reducing costs, as it helps to combine all of the separate systems and processes into one package, which eliminates redundancies, makes private security more efficient, and allows the company to better direct their internal resources towards improving other aspects of the company.

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