Protecting Your Office, Business Or Company

In our most recent CALSAGA blog post, we took a look at the important factors in maintaining a safe and secure workspace, as well as what needs to be considered when it comes to safety of your staff and clients. The post notes that some parts of California, specifically in the Bay Area, have recently experienced an uptick in violent crime in comparison to other parts of the state and nation.


Basics of office security are covered, like the importance of controlling access points, identifying potential threats, areas of concern and crafting a security plan that addresses the specific needs of your business or office. Topics covered in this section include company and business policies that can affect security measures, the use of closed circuit surveillance methods and the importance of having a uniformed security presence in a business setting.


To learn more about what steps can be taken to make your business or office a safer workplace, this resource from the LAPD has some helpful tips.


Four Main Points Of Business & Office Security

The second portion of the blog post covers some basic ways to improve office security. The topics covered include controlling access points, front desk reception, video surveillance and overnight security guards. These have shown to be some of the most effective means for deterring crimes in an office setting before they happen.


Access points are the front line of any business security plan, whether it’s a professional office or a retail location. Some of the ways this is addressed are by using a key control strategy, which means there is oversight and accountability for certain access privileges.


The second point mentioned is the presence of reception desk or vehicle access, both of which can be effective ways of making sure that guests and potential clients are vetted before being granted access. Another benefit of front desk personnel is that it allows you to create a record of who is entering the building, at what time and for what purpose. This can be valuable information in the event that a formal investigation needs to be done.


The final two points mentioned are video surveillance and an overnight security presence, which operate as a powerful crime deterrent when business locations are at their most vulnerable. These two security measures have increasingly been implemented in communities and neighborhoods in the Bay Area, as well as office settings.


To learn more, visit our CALSAGA blog to find out how to best protect your home, office or business from potential security threats.