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Prunedale is a city of 17,000 people, just north of Salinas in Monterey County. In the 1930’s, California’s famous highway 101 was rerouted to go through Prunedale.



Prunedale is home to some great parks, including Manzanita County Park, which features multi-use trails and a sports complex, and Royal Oaks Park,  the oldest park in the Monterey County Parks system. Prunedale is also one of the few habitable environments for Yadon’s piperia, a rare form of orchid that is specific to the coastal climate of Monterey County.


Prunedale crime statistics fall pretty much in line with state and national averages.


Crime Rate Indexes

Crime Rate Indexes


Prunedale Armed and Unarmed Security


First Security Services provides both armed and unarmed security guards for businesses across several industries. With over 30 years experience in the Prunedale area, our security officers have local knowledge of the area, as well as sophisticated security training of the highest caliber.


Our unarmed guard services are a fantastic option if you need a uniformed presence for alarm monitoring, vehicle patrol and a quick response time from local authorities in the event of a crime.


Having an armed security presence on site has been shown to be the quickest way to alleviate any threat. Our armed security officers have open communication with local authorities, as well as the extensive training necessary to handle any situation.


Fill out the free online submission form or call us today at 1-800-778-3017 to find out more about our security options!


Retail and Commercial Security Guards


As one of the leading security providers in California, First Security Services is serious about our commitment to community and local business. That starts with protecting your investment, keeping your employees safe and ensuring your customers a safe shopping experience. Here are just some of the services we offer for retail and commercial security:


  • Armed and unarmed security solutions
  • Retail and commercial security
  • Loss prevention and alarm monitoring
  • Vehicle and parking lot patrol
  • Office security guards
  • Construction site monitoring and security
  • School and facility security
  • Cannabis protection


These are just some of the comprehensive security solutions offered by First Security Services. As a leading private security firm in California with over three decades of experience, our security guards provide the safety and security that every business deserves.


No matter what your security needs, our highly trained team of security professionals are up to the task! Call us today at 1-800-778-3017 to find out more!


Looking For Security Guard Jobs In Prunedale?

At First Security Services, we are always looking for qualified security professionals to add to our talented team. Visit our Prunedale security guard jobs page to apply today!


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