Reducing Security Guard Turnover Rates

General Overview

One of the biggest issues that the security guard industry faces as a whole is its high turnover rate. While some level of turnover is inevitable in every industry, in the private security guard industry, it’s particularly troublesome. Turnover rates at client sites can range from 100% to 400%, and the problem is not going away any time soon. The negatives that this high turnover rate brings is that there’s:

  • High training costs;
  • A decrease in security guard effectiveness;
  • Increases in administrative costs.


Reducing Security Guard Turnover Rates


Despite the high turnover rate, there are actions that both the private security guard companies and the client can take that can minimize it as much as possible. Here are some of the main ones:

Provide Better Wages and Benefits

In some parts of the country and for certain types of private security guard positions, the pay can be quite low, with minimal benefits. By increasing the pay and providing more employee benefits, the turnover rate will naturally decrease, as private security officers will not seek alternative employment.

Provide More Work Hours

This may seem odd at first. Who wants to work more hours? Well, many security guards do. Since they tend to get paid by the hour, security guards need to work a certain number of hours per week to be able to live off of their wages. Finding the right balance of work hours is vital.

Provide Better Advanced Scheduling

Security guards need to be given as much advanced notice as possible about changes to their work hours, work location, and so forth. In addition, it’s important that security guards are also given enough of a break between shifts so that they can perform well, not to mention also have a healthy work-life balance. Private security guards should not work more than a maximum of 12 hours during any 24 hour period.

Be More Transparent and Clear

If a security guard from First Security Services is providing security at the offices of a client, he or she should be made aware of any specific protocols or preferences that the company may have. In addition, the security guard must also be given a clear, written set of instructions as it pertains to their job responsibilities at the specific company that they’re working at. This can create less confusion and will reduce any conflicts that can arise.

Treat Them With Respect

It’s easy for many to not treat security guards with the respect that they deserve, as their position automatically “separates” them from other employees in a store, company, or location. But security guards are human like everyone else, and they should be treated with dignity and respect in their work environment. Employees should make an effort to converse with them and establish a professional relationship. As a result, security officers will have higher morale.

The nature of the security guard industry means that a certain level of turnover is inevitable. Nonetheless, retention efforts should always be a focal point, since reducing turnover rates can save both security companies and their clients a significant amount of money.

At First Security Services, we do our best to minimize turnover rates and treat all of our cherished and valuable security officers extremely well. Make sure to contact us today for your free consultation!

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