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Each year retail businesses lose a certain percentage of product and profits to theft, typically in the form of shoplifting or internal theft, referred to as “shrink” in the retail world. Though employers and business owners often don’t want to face the possibility of their own employees stealing from them, shrink accounts for almost half of retail losses that are due to theft. Organized retail crime has also been spiking in recent years according to recent information from the National Retail Federation.


Some companies simply don’t have the resources to hire an entire loss prevention team, yet realize that it’s an issue that still needs to be addressed. Finding an affordable security solution for smaller retailers and business owners can be a challenge, but a solid assessment and understanding of your security and safety needs are the first steps to saving money.


Here are the different types of security personnel that you need to know about when searching for affordable security guard services for Bay Area retailers.


Guards – Guard services are the most affordable and include basic private security guards like you might see in a residential neighborhood or on a school campus. Guards are typically unarmed, but can be uniformed or plain-clothes, and they maintain a direct line of communication to the dispatch center. Most retail security personnel come from this category of security professionals.


Officers – Security officers are sometimes, but not always armed and often deal with protecting essential assets or maintaining order at crowded venues for sporting events, festivals and concerts. Like security guards, officers do both foot and vehicle patrol and have an open line of communication at all times. Warehouse, airport and health care facilities often choose to hire security officers since they typically have more training and experience.


High-level agents – A group that generally has a background in law enforcement or the military, high-level agents are the most thoroughly trained and prepared security that a company can offer. Their assignments often involve personal protection, bodyguard services, security consulting and security for government facilities. High-level agents generally operate as armed security and often in an undercover or plain clothes capacity.


Bay Area Security Resources

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