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When it comes to security services, First Security is the best in the business. Extensive knowledge, coupled with years and years of hands on experience has allowed usto stay at the top of our game, and on trend with the industry. We are proud to provide the best Rockville security guards in Maryland.


The services that we offer cover the security spectrum in its entirety. If you’re looking for security services, we’ve got what you need. We put our clients first, boasting unwavering reliability and only the best competitive rates.


If you need protection in any way, shape or form…First Security has got you covered.


Armed and Unarmed Security

We know that life and work events come about that might require both armed and unarmed security. Sometimes it’s one or the other, and sometimes it’s both.


It’s completely up to our clients whether or not they choose to go with armed or unarmed security, and depends heavily on the reason for security needed. Our array of services cover the need for bodyguards, executive protection, temporary security, special event security, private security guards and vehicle patrol.


The aforementioned are all very different reasons to hire a security guard, and a few great examples of clients having to decide whether or not they’d like an armed or unarmed security guard on the job. When discussing the need for an armed or unarmed guard, it’s important to note that First Security takes the safety of our team very seriously.


During your consultation or booking, we will determine the circumstances surrounding the need for security. From there, we can make an educated, professional decision on whether or not our guard will need to be armed. It’s vital to our company operations that we examine every client situation to its fullest extent.


Residential Security Services and Patrol

There are many reasons that someone might ask First Security to watch over their home. Robberies, domestic altercations, issues with neighbors and peace of mind are just a few examples of why clients hire First Security guards to come directly to their residence.


You have the right to be safe, and we’re more than willing to make that happen. Both full or part time services are available, and we want you to choose what you’re comfortable with in this situation. We want you to be as comfortable as possible, and sleep well at night knowing that we’ve got it all under control.


Temporary Security Guards

Almost every event, private or public, warrants the need for a temporary guard or small team. Typically, that is all that’s necessary. First Security is happy to provide you with the temporary security guards that you’ll need for your personal protection, event or party.


First Security can offer a guard for long or short term temporary security. Even when it’s temporary, there is not a restrictive time limit as to how long we can provide you with a guard. If you need our services, we’ll be there until the job is done.


School and College Campus Security Guards

There has always been a major call for security guards on college campuses, now more than ever. Guards on campus are not a luxury, they’re a necessity. First Security is happy to supply armed and unarmed guards to college campuses in the locations that we service.


It’s beyond important, especially at night, to have security presence on every single college campus nationwide. We know how vital it is to have a security team that is vigilant, and will act without error or delay.


Retail and Mall Security Guards

The enforcement of loss prevention within retail stores is a major component of running a successful business. Stand alone storefronts, strip malls, plazas, franchises and retail chains all trust First Security to help them remain prosperous by preventing theft and decreasing the amount of yearly loss that so many retail stores see.


It’s rarely safe for a store owner, manager or employee to chase down anyone accused of stealing, and in some cases, it’s not legal. Having a security presence in the store, in more than one location, can drastically decrease the amount of theft that happens on a daily basis, resulting in sales numbers to go up.


Mall security guards are also responsible for loss prevention, to a certain extent, but more often than not…they keep the peace. Since malls are a public place, it is necessary to have a security team that can identify a problem before it escalates, or diffuse an issue quickly without altercation.


First Security guards are well trained in all aspects of the job, and versed in many different situations. If it might come up, our guards are trained for it. Placing a team of First Security guards within the mall helps to make sure that everyday brings business as usual and nothing more.


Office Building Security and Patrol Guards

Your office building probably contains more than one office, and within each office, a great deal of equipment that is worth a lot of money. To decrease the chance of potential theft, First Security can provide a guard or security team that will protect your building throughout the night. We can also ask a guard to run timed patrols.


This applies to corporate offices as well, although most corporate companies prefer a guard stationed nightly to keep an eye on closed offices and employee morale where it should be. First Security can fit any of these requirements, and we’re more than willing to offer up our outstanding, state-of-the-art video surveillance services.


We will not restrict security and patrol to office buildings. We understand that there are jobs that don’t take place in an office, and we’re more than happy to offer our flexible services where they’re needed.


This includes executive protection, close protection, water usage monitoring security guards, construction site security and patrol services, financial bank security guards and patrol services, airport security outside of TSA, warehouses, government security and medical marijuana dispensaries and security guards.


Again, our guards can be armed or unarmed for any of these situations, depending on the circumstances.


Special Events

First Security is routinely providing security to special events. Whether they are private or public, it’s not uncommon for First Security guards to be present at a large gathering. Keeping the peace is our top priority, right after encouraging event goers and party guests feel safe, while staying on their best behavior.


Sporting events, corporate events, galas, concerts, fairs and festivals are all routine places for First Security guards. A law enforcement presence allow events to run as smoothly as possible.


It’s important, in so many situations, for security to be subtle. When guards appear overwhelming, they can throw off the feel and vibe of the event. At First Security, we understand this, and our guards will gladly adhere to any guidelines that you provide them, within reason.


Hospital and Healthcare Security Guards

The healthcare industry, whether hospital or private practice, typically requires some sort of security presence. There is much to be protected within this type of setting, from patients and people, to prescription drugs and expensive equipment, which are all desirable to thieves.


First Security is happy to provide around the clock or intermittent guards for any medical setting. For both public and private safety, this type of protection is necessary. The pharmaceutical and biotech industry is no exception to this protection rule. Security is vital there as well.


Security Consulting

First Security understands that you don’t want a guard or team to show up without talking to us first. We want to discuss the entirety of your situation with you. Specifics are welcome, as we want to know how we can help in the best way possible. We guarantee efficiency, and it’s easier for us to do that if we can sit and consult with you about your security needs and expectations.


You do not have to be an existing client with First Security to benefit from our security consulting services. We’re always happy to lend a hand, and a whole lot of knowledge, to any person or company looking for advice on hiring and putting our security team or guard to use.


Finding a reputable, professional security company can be an overwhelming task. We can make it a whole lot easier by pointing you in the right direction, regardless of the specifics of your situation, and providing First Security staff to take on the job.


Choosing First Security

When you decide on First Security as your go-to company for long and short term security guards, you know that you’re making the best choice possible for you, your family or your business. We have been at the forefront of the security industry for a long time, and we understand how to effectively handle any situation thrown in our direction.


Our guards at First Security are well-trained and trustworthy. It takes a certain type of person to be a security guard. They must have an innate ability to serve, protect and prevent.


Security is important for many reasons, sometimes it’s a matter of life and death. We don’t take our responsibilities lightly. When First Security is the company on the scene, we know that you’ve chosen us to enforce safety, and that is the exact result we will provide.


Contact First Security today, and freely discuss your security needs with one of our skilled team members. We will never hesitate to answer questions and address concerns with anything other than honesty.


Call today to schedule a consultation!

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