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Hiring temporary security is the best way to prevent criminal activity or troubles during your event in Rosemont. Luckily, First Security Services has been providing such services to the State of California for over 50 years. We want everyone to have the protection they deserve while they’re in the area.


Although Rosemont isn’t acknowledged for its crime rate, a temporary security guard can provide the protection you need in an area prone to both violent and non-violent crime. Our temporary security guards are all previous or active members of the armed forces or law enforcement agencies. This makes it possible for us to safely provide unarmed or armed bodyguards and security for an event.


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Crimes Committed in Rosemont

  • Assault
  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Vehicle Theft
  • Theft


No one expects to be the victim of a crime and when it happens it can be traumatic and frightening. Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate function, party, tour group or any other public gathering, our security guards are available for hire on a temporary basis. Call 800-778-3017 today for a no obligation FREE quote and let First Security Services take the guess work out of security planning.We service the Rosemont and surrounding areas.


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