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Sacramento Executive Protection

We have executive protection services here using our specialized executive protection agents. We work to provide the necessary VIP security that is essential to the individual or corporation that is requesting the guards. With their help, personal security has never been easier. Whether you’re heading out for a conference or you need to help with an event, our corporate security services help everyone reach the security levels that they need. We hire only the best in the field, because we feel that if you’re asking for VIP protection, you should be able to receive that type of protection. We match the executive protection specialist to you and the needs that you have.


We are one of the top executive protection companies out there, so we know that we must live up to the expectations that you have. With personal protection, we ensure that all our specialists are trained in the areas of importance. We hire those with backgrounds in the Military, Federal Agent and Law Enforcement Field. We want to ensure that you have someone trained and ready to handle any situations that might arise. With our VIP protection services, we can make sure that all the clients that hire us for their security needs are covered. Enjoy having close personal protection with our quality executive security services.


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Our professionals providing executive protection provide a summary to showcase all threats that they find in the field. They then come up with a plan of action to ensure that your protection is priority. They want to keep you informed throughout the entire process of corporate protection and through these plans, you can be.


We provide these and other types of protection:

  • VIP Security Services
  • Corporate and Executive Security
  • Celebrity Security
  • Discreet Personal Protection
  • Protection in Public Areas
  • Many More…


It is our top priority to provide you with the protection you need. Whether you need celebrity protection, personal protection or corporate protection, our specialists can locate and remove all threats found. Speak with us today to see how we can cover you in the Sacramento and surrounding areas today!


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