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When you consider hiring a security service or security guards to protect your property, it is important that each step – from your initial phone call until the day your service begins – is handled in a completely professional manner. Once you call us, you will be able to substantiate our professionalism for yourself.


What Do You Know About Property Crime in Sacramento?

Did you know that from January until the end of April 2014, there were more than 1800 property crimes in Sacramento? That’s an average of more than 15 burglaries or stolen cars a day. And this data doesn’t take into account the assaults, murders or other crimes that often accompany thefts.


Which day of the week would your home or business is most likely to experience a break-in? Monday – The additional day that people are given for all major holidays with Tuesday taking a paltry second place.




Graph Courtesy of Sacramento Police Statics


What Do These Statistics Mean for You? 

Simply put, no matter where you own property in Sacramento – whether a business, a home or even an automobile, you are a potential target for thieves.


Are You Aware that California Security Guards Have Legal Powers

All of our security guards are licensed by the state and have the same powers to detain and arrest those caught in the process of criminal activity. As such, we require that all our guards must pass the same rigid standards for licensing as specified by the state.


The state provides a license verification page here for the public to confirm that the alarm company and security guard services are legitimate.

Why It Is Better to Hire Locally?

The economy in every city, town and state in the nation needs all the support it can get and the first reason to hire locally is to support your own community. Beyond that, there are several other reasons to choose a local security service and guard company.


Sacramento requires:

  • Security guards must be trained to meet the requirements of Sacramento’s codes and regulations, as well as the laws of California
  • Guards are trained locally at professional training facilities
  • Security companies in Sacramento have physical addresses that you can visit while those from other areas may be using an address in the middle of a river

Local Private security and guard service companies are invested in keeping your community safe because they live and work here. For detailed information about our residential and commercial services, you can call us at 1-800-778-3017.


Why Have an Alarm System if Your Security Team Responds Slowly?


The police departments across the country require homeowners confirm alarms as actual activity rather than a bad sensor or a cat dove into the Christmas tree.


If an alarm company takes ten-minutes to contact you and it takes you five minutes to get someone to make sure something unwanted is happening, and another five minutes trying to contact the police to respond to your alarm, you might as well save your money. By that time any intruder has probably already sent out invites for a party at your place.


You need to know that your security response call center is able to contact you within two minutes of the alarm being triggered.  We provide you the option of calling you to verify the alarm or sending one of our mobile security officers to your address to verify the alarm.


Personal Bodyguards, Executive Protection & Temporary Security

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Isn’t Private Security and Guard Service Expensive?

Securing your property does not have to be prohibitive.  Part of the reason that we are able to provide you services at reduced costs lies in the fact that we are local.  As such, we can keep our overhead down.  We share our savings with you.  Share our website with your friends and see if any of them work for us.


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