Salinas Temporary Security Guards For Hire


Salinas Temporary Security Guards

Using a temporary bodyguard, you can ensure that the protection you’re in need of can be done with the use of our guards. Each of the bodyguards that we have is thoroughly trained and comes from a background in security. Whether you need one for an event or outing or just for personal use; we can provide the necessary bodyguard as needed.


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We Provide Guards For:

  • Private Events and Parties
  • Controlling Crowds
  • Shopping and Other Crowded Centers
  • Tours
  • Conventions and Shows
  • Many Other Uses…


We specialize in the highest level of security to ensure that every client that we work with is provided with the protection they need. With highly skilled and trained professionals, you can ensure that you have the extensive protection needed against all outside sources. We implement certain specifications with each of the guards so that they specialize in different areas. Whether you need them for a long term or private basis, or just temporary; we have guards for all needs. Speak with us today to learn more about the security guards we have.


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