San Diego

San Diego has seen a dramatic uptick in local Cannabis Related Businesses, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for that growth. While this is great news for the local economy, it presents some considerations for business owners.

First Security Services responded to the boom in the California Cannabis Industry in a way almost no other company did: we created a division of our company specifically dedicated to offering protection to Cannabis Related Businesses (CRB) in California. Being a branch of a well- developed security services business means we have all of the resources and experience of seasoned professionals in an otherwise fledgling industry.

The Special Services Division focuses completely on Cannabis protection and security, but that encompasses a greater number of services than one might think. Cannabis security means more than just offering marijuana security guards for growing operations (though that is certainly part of it); it means providing a holistic approach to creating 420 security in San Diego, which has one of the fastest growing Cannabis markets in the state, for CRB on any portion of the supply chain.

It’s no longer just commercial storefronts that need a light form of security at the front checking IDs to ensure compliance in San Diego. While this is, of course, still necessary, a more robust security team is now needed to fully protect a CRB. More behind the scenes security measures than ever are necessary in California’s Cannabis Industry, including the large sector of it in San Diego.

Because we were one of the first security companies to throw our focus on the Cannabis Industry, we are familiar with both statewide and local regulations that apply specifically to the San Diego region. Despite being early on the Cannabis Security scene, we’re not new to security services on whole. Unlike many security companies that will jump into the Cannabis Industry, we understand that there’s more to 420 security than just standing guard.

Our understanding of regulations means that not only do we ensure our clients are in compliance with the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), but also with county and city governing bodies. This local familiarity translates to a security team that isn’t offering a one size fits all package. Instead, our cannabis security plans are tailored to each individual business to meet their specific needs, both regionally and depending on which space they occupy within the Cannabis industry.

Our guards are highly skilled and masterfully trained to ensure that they can accommodate any CRB need. Most of our guards have been involved with the military at some point in their careers, and so have received extensive tactical and combat training ensuring they will be prepared should they need to utilize those skills. Some of the specific training and certifications our personnel receive are:

  • Tactical, Combat Casualty Care
  • Taser
  • Pepperball
  • Baton
  • Management of Aggressive Behavior

Working off of that physical security base, we train guards on the ins and outs of the Cannabis industry, both in terms of common industry risk factors as well as conforming to government requirements. This is where the logistical know-how with state and local agencies comes into play, because we’re not just protecting business owners from potential theft or crime, we’re also protecting them from fines they would incur if they failed to conform with regulations.

Some of the requirements that the BCC outlines in relation to security discuss alarm systems, video surveillance (which has to be quite extensive in order to be compliant), employee badges and the checking of them, and restricted access areas. The specifics of these regulations are in- depth and take some legwork to meet thoroughly. Instead of adding undue stress to business owners who are already hustling, we take the reins on conforming.

We will take the time to cross check a business’ current security measures with the state’s regulations, and formulate a plan that will bring the CRB into compliance. This allows business owners to see a complete breakdown of our suggested security measures, as well as understand the explanation behind why they’re necessary.

The city and county of San Diego have fewer regulations than the state of California that relate specifically to Cannabis security, but they do have zoning ordinances and a code of regulations that we can help business owners stay cognizant of as they move forward within this space.

The process of working with First Security Services begins with a consultation. During consultations, we are better able to assess the needs of a specific business by addressing things like current security issues, any San Diego or state regulation violations that businesses need our help resolving, building layout, or risk factors on whole. Because of our background in security, there’s no question that a business will be thoroughly protected. Our work to become relevant and educated within the Cannabis spaces makes us an even more valuable asset to any CRB team.

Following the consultations, we are better able to produce a risk management plan that thoroughly meets the needs of each individual San Diego CRB. While part of what we offer certainly relates to facility security, it doesn’t end there. Just a few of the additional operations the Special Services Division can provide include:

  • High value asset transportation and protection
  • Residential, personal, and travel security
  • Maintaining a Security Operation Command (where we can perform duties like monitoring surveillance)

Additionally, our guards have the experience and expertise to offer other CRB employees basic training on how to react during workplace violence scenarios. This is an important service as it creates a company culture within the business of quiet strength and confidence, even when faced with incredibly difficult situations.

The Special Services Division doesn’t seek out business through any sort of traditional advertising means. Since we do not invest in advertising and instead rely upon past client referrals and word of mouth, our quality of service never wavers. Our business quite literally depends on giving every client the best possible security experience, so we’re committed to doing just that.

No matter what kind of security assistance a Cannabis Related Business in the San Diego area needs, the Special Services Division is here at the ready to make it happen. More than that, we’re already prepared for and trained in any sort of need the industry on whole or the regionally-specific characteristics could pose.

Security is, unfortunately, one of the services that can often get shrugged off until it’s absolutely necessary. Of course, by the time it’s too late, a security service will be unable to prevent what’s transpired. That’s why we can’t stress enough the need for early adoption of some sort of security force.

With the Cannabis Industry in San Diego moving so quickly, business owners can’t afford to be lax about security. Don’t wait until it’s too late to hire a robust Cannabis Security team—reach out for a consultation today. Call the Special Services Division at (408) 364-1110 or email us at today.