San Francisco Event Security Guard Services

Our experienced security guards are fully trained in all aspects of event security, from parking management to crowd security. Here are some of the basics we’ll go over with you as part of the preparation for hiring event security guards in San Francisco.


Planning – Event security calls for a higher level of planning than other assignments, mainly due to the logistics of trying to manage the safety of such a large group. Our team of experienced security professionals will work with you to design a plan that is tailored to the specific security needs of your San Francisco event, whether that means plain clothes officers mixed in among attendees or a full, uniformed security detail.


Anticipation – Proper planning, in combination with experience, is the best way to anticipate potential security needs at an event. In a city that’s as bustling and crowded as San Francisco, this goes double. Knowing what can happen, and how to address the situation if it does, is the best way to maintain the collective safety of a large group of people.


Communication – Communication is an essential component for any event security staff and we fully understand the importance of it during a crowded event. Everything from parking and admission to crowd control and active patrols require top level coordination to make sure that everything goes as planned. In addition to our high-tech onsite security communications, our 24 hour dispatch center has constant contact with local authorities to maximize safety and response times.


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How We Can Help


Depending on the event, your security needs could range from the simple to the complex and we have a range of affordable services that are appropriate for any type of event security request. Here are some of our main services in San Francisco:


  • Parking and traffic direction
  • Indoor and outdoor event security
  • Armed and unarmed security guards
  • Uniformed & plain clothes event security officers
  • Crowd management
  • Security for corporate & government events in San Francisco
  • Hotel security for meetings, conventions & special events
  • General surveillance & event monitoring
  • Guard stations and mobile patrols
  • Security guards for concerts, festivals & weddings
  • Customized security packages
  • Private or public event security guards
  • Sporting event & tournament security
  • Security checkpoints & identification areas


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San Francisco Security Guard Resources


Special Event Security Planning & Management – A great resource for anyone considered about security when hosting an event, this publication from Government Training, Inc. is designed for government agencies and contractors, but applies equally well to any event that requires a security component.


Crowd Management – An online portal dedicated to the crowd management and safety for concerts, public gatherings and events of all kind. Their PDF on crowd control is especially useful for any business or organization planning an event.