San Francisco

One of California’s shining examples of cultural progress and evolution is San Francisco, and its bustling Cannabis Industry just further evidences this fact. Though like most other major cities San Francisco has many regulations regarding Cannabis Related Businesses (CRB) in its city and county, the right team will make it easy for business owners to navigate these requirements.

Among the most important regulations for CRB are those concerning security. Both the state of California and the city and county of San Francisco have specific guidelines concerning the security of CRB; while these guidelines aren’t all that difficult to follow, they’re quite involved and most entrepreneurs don’t have the spare time to dedicate to understanding them. That’s where we come in.

First Security Services developed the Special Services Branch in response to California’s growing Cannabis Industry, and the subsequent need for more involved 420 security than ever before. Of course, security posted at the front of a retail business is necessary, but there’s much more that goes into properly protecting a CRB than that. Our security team has years of experience in the security space, and the Special Services Division took the time to truly get to know the California Cannabis Industry before almost any other business in the state.

We bring our security background, skills, and resources to the table and couple them with a drive to offer the best possible cannabis protection to create a comprehensive, full service security experience for our CRB clients. No one in the business handles cannabis security quite like we do, and that’s because no other team brings the same unique combination of abilities and resources. As one of the first companies to embrace Cannabis protection, we know the industry better than practically any other security service.

Our highly skilled guards are mostly ex or current military with the tactical and combat expertise you would expect from trained service members. We capitalize on this already established skill set by offering further training in taser, pepperball, and baton use as well as management of aggressive behavior. All of this combined

translates to a staff that understands how to use force, but that will always try to diffuse a situation first.

Beyond the ability to stand as marijuana security guards, we are also able to help our clients conform with state and local regulations that can sometimes feel confusing to newcomers to the security space. The Bureau of Cannabis Control sets regulations for the entire state, some of which pertain directly to security. The state-wide regulations concern the requirement for video surveillance throughout different rooms of every CRB, the necessity of employee identification badges that must be worn at all times, and the sort of acceptable locks and alarm systems, among a number of other things. Because we have been a part of the Cannabis Industry since very early, we’re familiar with the state’s requirements and know how to help clients conform with them.

San Francisco is a great place to start a CRB in that their requirements for security closely mirror the state’s, so there isn’t much extra work that business owners have to put in to be compliant with local regulations. It is important that those interested in starting a CRB in San Francisco stay aware of what exactly goes into opening such a business, though, especially in terms of security.

Like some other areas in California, as part of the application process for a CRB, San Francisco requires business owners to list all of their security plans. This includes things like planning an employee badge procedure and listing the company that will install video surveillance. The application also asks for a more detailed cannabis security plan in addition to these headline details, so potential CRB owners have to be ahead of the game in this respect.

San Francisco’s initiative to require a security plan before approving an application actually works out in business owners’ favor in the long run as it gets them thinking about security long before the business is operational. This means they’ll never have the opportunity to run into a crime or conformity issue, so long as they follow the plan listed in their application.

The Special Services Division is available to help create such a plan for San Francisco CRB applicants. In fact, offering consultations and assessments that help us formulate risk management plans is a large part of what we do. These consultations give us an idea of the specific business, its security weaknesses, and the ways we can best mitigate those risks while following state and local regulations.

In addition to these consultations and assessments, some of the other services we offer include:

  • Site and Facility Security for retail, grow ops, and residences
  • High Value Asset Protection and Transportation Support
  • Security Operation Command (S.O.C)
  • Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training

Our team creates a culture of safety and security within every CRB by offering trainings to other employees so that it’s not just our security guards who understand how to recognize and deescalate potentially dangerous or costly situations. The Special Services Division understands that true security can only be achieved when every member of a CRB team works together, so we attempt to cultivate that kind of environment.

Our combined efforts in both physical security and protection from penalties or fines due to non-compliance cover every base a CRB owner could possibly be concerned over in terms of security. Both criminal and governmental considerations are fully accounted for in our Cannabis Security Plans, and we’re happy to stick around and help ensure that they stay that way for the entire duration of business.

We choose not to advertise our services in any traditional way. Instead, we focus entirely on our clients and providing them with the best level of security service possible. That way, when it comes time to recommend a company to other CRB owners, we will come to mind immediately. Our word of mouth marketing plan rests entirely upon us performing more than satisfactorily on every single job, so potential clients can rest assured they will get a high level of care and attention when working with the Special Services Division.

Security is not something that any CRB should put off; luckily, in San Francisco procrastinating about hiring a security team isn’t even an option. A comprehensive security plan is required right from the start, and why not go with the most experienced, most qualified team in the Cannabis Industry? We have the capabilities to keep businesses safe from every possible threat, so there’s no undue anxiety placed on business owners.

First Security Services’ Special Service Division is more than just a team of security guards—we’re here to make every aspect of security simple for CRB owners. To get started on the consultation process and generating a Cannabis Security Plan, call the Special Services Division at (408) 364-1110 or email us at today.