San Jose

As a major player in California’s growing Cannabis Industry, San Jose is home to an ever increasing number of Cannabis Related Businesses (CRB). This boom spells opportunity for business savvy folks, but the fledgling nature of the industry means there are all kinds of potential risks as well. Leaving things up to chance and simply hoping the security side of a CRB will work itself out is not a viable option.

To minimize these risk factors, First Security Services developed the Special Services Division. This branch of our company focuses specifically of Cannabis Protection, so we have made it our business to become familiar with the details of both California’s Cannabis Industry on whole, as well as the local regulations in San Jose. Essentially, this means that we don’t just provide protection from the risk of crime against a business, we also protect clients from the fear of falling out of regulation and facing penalties of some sort.

We were one of the first companies in the state to recognize the growing need for 420 security, so our standards for performance are relentlessly high. Unlike many security companies operating within the space of the Cannabis Industry, the Special Services Division is a branch of a well established security company. We have taken our practical security knowledge, and fine- tuned it so that it applies directly to businesses in the Cannabis Industry.

The fact that we stem from a security company that operates in all sorts of industries means we have access to advanced resources and equipment that other, newer operations simply can’t acquire at this early stage. We capitalize on our experience but appreciate the innovative nature of the Cannabis Industry.

Whatever level or type of security a CRB may need, the Special Services Division’s marijuana security guards are equipped to provide it. We spend a great deal of time sharpening the skills that many of our employees have already worked at gaining before they come to us for employment. In fact, many of our guards have military experience, and therefore come from specialized, tactical backgrounds.

To build upon the experience that most of our personnel arrives with, we offer training from certified professionals in a number of protection areas. These include Tactical, Taser, Pepperball, and Baton training in addition to education on the management of aggressive behavior. The result of all this training is a team that is capable of force if necessary, but that knows how to diffuse a situation whenever possible. Every quality security team should be able to provide this peace of mind, but not all do, and none do it quite as well as us.

Arguably even more important than our team’s familiarity with these sorts of skills is their understanding of the regulations imposed upon CRB by state and local agencies. The Special Services Division understands the requirements laid out by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) which applies to the entire state of California as well as the regionally specific considerations.

Some of the BCC security guidelines discuss the need for video surveillance in a number of rooms within a CRB facility, the requirement of employee badges, monitoring of restricted access areas and a log detailing all those who enter, as well as specifications for locks and alarm systems. As a truly full service operation, the Special Services Division is able to take control of all of these facets in order to lessen the concerns on business owners’ plates.

While it’s always wise for business owners to dive into these regulations personally in order to fully understand them, there’s no need to do it alone. The Special Services division is familiar and comfortable with the guidelines established by the BCC, and the Cannabis Security Plan we generate for each client conforms with these standards. Our deep level of understanding in the industry gives us the ability to explain why every facet of our plans in necessary, both at a level of safety and at that of conforming with regulations.

In San Jose, the police force even includes a Division of Cannabis Regulation. This is not because San Jose is unfriendly to CRB—just the opposite, in fact. Because San Jose is keen to grow its Cannabis Industry, the Division of Cannabis Regulation is there to help keep CRB within regulations and ensure that no businesses operate beyond the bounds of the law. This also means that it’s important that CRB operating in the area stay cognizant of San Jose ordinances related to Cannabis.

Some of these local ordinances overlap with state requirements, like that every employee at a CRB wear an identification badge. Others are specific to the region, like a limited number of hours in which deliveries can be made, and the fact that they must first be approved by the Chief of Police. These may sound like they fall out of the realm of security, but as far as our Special Services Division is concerned, they’re well within bounds.

Some of the services we offer that extend beyond standing guard or offering protection to facilities and individuals include:

  • Security Operation Command
  • High Value Asset Transportation
  • Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cannabis Security Plans and Consultations

All of this translates to a comprehensive security experience, starting with our consultations. During the consultation process, we’re able to get a better idea of the needs of each individual CRB. We can take stock of things like building layout and business type, then cross reference these details with state and local regulations to form a risk management plan.

Our plans take stock of both industry-wide concerns, as well as those relate to one CRB in particular. Each business receives our specialized care and attention so that we’re able to provide unmatched security services. This is the standard that all new clients can expect to see from the Special Services Division, right from the start of our working relationship.

It isn’t just our commitment to clients that encourages us to supply this unparalleled service, it’s also a shrewd business choice. Since we do not choose to invest money in advertising, our client base is our only source for generating new business. Word of mouth is generally how clients heart of us, so our livelihood truly depends on going above and beyond for every single client.

Robust security is an investment that too often gets left on the backburner until it’s too late. No one wants to gamble with their business, but opening the doors of a CRB without a fully fleshed out security plan is doing just that. We hope that our clients will never find themselves in an emergency where some of our more physical tactics are necessary, but if those situations do arise we’re happy to be there to assist.

Don’t leave anything up to change when it comes to security—utilize a service with both long standing security experience and specific Cannabis Industry knowledge. Contact the Special Services Division at (408) 364-1110 or today.