San Mateo Executive Protection Specialist

San Mateo Executive Protection Specialist


San Mateo Executive Protection

Executives and other high up individuals need the proper protection when it comes to heading outside of their homes, offices or attending events. With executive protection, you can be sure that you’re obtaining this type of service. We provide personal protection everywhere that it is needed, so you can feel much more confident and comfortable bringing the personal security along with you. We are a top executive protection company and only hire those that have top level backgrounds in providing this type of VIP protection service. When you work with us, we ensure that the executive protection agent we provide you with is matched to the needs that you have.


We provide VIP security services to those that wish to hire a close personal protection agent. We understand that the work must come from a professional in the field and we do just that. With agents coming from strong backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Federal Agent or Military backgrounds, they ensure that they can locate and remove threats before they’re known. With reputable backgrounds, they provide their word when they come in to work with us providing VIP protection services. We then match them to the appropriate job.


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Providing summaries of the threats that come into the area, these executive protection specialists can ensure that the area is thoroughly gone through. Always feel confident in the ability to get executive protection services that match your needs. Whether you’re an individual or a company, we can provide the necessary VIP security services needed.


We provide these following executive security services, and more…

  • Protection at Events and Other Public Places
  • Corporate Security Services
  • Discreet Personal Protection
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Executive Security Services
  • Other Services…


When it comes to providing corporate protection, as well as other types of protection; it is our top most priority. We want to work with you to ensure that you’re set to go when it comes to having the proper protection. Speak with us today to learn more about the bodyguards in the San Mateo and surrounding counties.


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