Santa Clara

Santa Clara may not be as welcoming to retail storefronts for the Cannabis Industry, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of opportunities for other Cannabis Related Businesses (CRB) in the area. In fact, the region is full of cultivation spaces and other Industry businesses.

With all of this opportunity for growth within the Cannabis Industry, it’s no wonder that so many entrepreneurs are looking to claim their stake in this space. Exciting as it may be, though, there are quite a few considerations that most people don’t think of before starting a CRB, specifically as they relate to security.

First Security Services responded to California’s budding Cannabis Industry by creating a division of the company dedicated specifically to Cannabis Protection and Security called the Special Services Division. We were one of the first companies in the state to offer this kind of dedicated attention to 420 security, so our skills have had time to mature where many others are only just starting out.

What’s more, because we’re a division of a security company that has long been established, we have access to resources, equipment, and training that other Cannabis Security companies simply do not. This access combined with the time we’ve dedicated to becoming familiar with the specifics of California’s Cannabis Industry make us an unrivaled security option within this industry.

The qualifications of our marijuana security guards also set the Special Services Division apart from other security companies in the industry. Many of our employees have previously served or currently in the military, so they have undergone rigorous physical training in combat and tactical skills before they ever enter employment with us. From there, we work to sharpen our guards’ skills through a series of training courses in weaponry usage (like tasers, pepperball, and baton) and aggressive behavior management.

Combined together, these backgrounds, skills, and training courses produce a team of security officials with the ability to employ force if it becomes necessary, but the wherewithal to keep a situation from reaching that point if at all possible.

In addition to the ability to handle crisis situations deftly, the Special Services Division is familiar with state and local regulations concerning the Cannabis Industry as it relates to security. The Bureau of Cannabis Control sets out guidelines related to every aspect of a CRB that apply to the entire state of California, and Santa Clara has established its own additional guidelines that any CRB in the area must follow.

Some of the regulations that the BCC has outlined for CRB security relate to video surveillance and the various rooms in which it is required, identification badges for employees, admittance to restricted access areas and the log which must be kept of all those who enter, and locks and alarm systems. For most interested in starting a CRB, these elements aren’t exactly their area of expertise—that’s where we step in.

We’re familiar and comfortable with every detail of the State of California’s requirements for a CRB, so business owners can feel confident that nothing has been overlooked. In this way, the Special Services Division does not just protect our clients from risk factors like crime, but also from facing penalties and fines due to non-conformity with state regulations.

While Santa Clara was slow to move into the commercial Cannabis space, the city has since attempted to engage the community in discussions over what exactly the Cannabis Industry should look like in the city. For potential commercial CRB owners, this means that the landscape is still evolving, and will take careful inspection.

The Special Services Division was not created to cut corners. We don’t shy away from clients whose businesses may lie in more complicated areas, nor do we try to find ways around offering a wholly thought out Cannabis Security Plan. That’s why we offer more than your run of the mill guarding operations. In fact, we offer a wide variety of other services, including among others:

  • High Value Asset and Executive Protection and Transportation
  • Security Operation Command (S.O.C)
  • Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (R.T.V.A)
  • Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training
  • Cannabis Security Plans & Consultations

These services give an idea of the truly comprehensive security experience that we aim to provide every client, starting with our consultation process. Consultations allow us to understand the needs of the individual business based on factors like location and what sort of space they occupy within the Cannabis Industry, in addition to any security measures the business owner has already taken, among many other things.

These consultations can be used in conjunction with risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments to give us a whole view of a businesses’ needs so we’re able to provide a risk management plan. This is a great jumping off point for every CRB to ensure that all of their bases are covered in terms of glaring vulnerabilities.

As mentioned above, Cannabis Security Plan generated by the Special Services Division also acts as a safeguard against potential penalties since we take the time to reference state and local guidelines as we compile plans. Our understanding of these guidelines means we’ll have no problem walking clients through the security plans we generate to explain why each facet is necessary or ideal.

The Special Services Division chooses not to spend our time investing in advertising and trying to generate new clientele. Instead, we throw all of our energy into providing current clients with the best, most comprehensive security experience possible. We believe that word of mouth is the best way to build a strong client base, and the only way we can ensure that our clients recommend us to others is by offering superior service.

Every CRB in the Santa Clara area should take the time to seek out a security company that is willing to go the extra mile to ensure their business stays safe, compliant, and successful. First Security Services’ Special Services Division offers all of this assurance and more.

Investing in security is a great (and necessary) choice for every CRB, and investing in security with a company whose proven record of success speaks for itself is truly a game changer in the Cannabis Industry. To get started on a specialized Cannabis Security Plan with the Special Services Division, cull as at (408) 364-1110 or email us at today.