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Having served the community since 1966, no one better understands the variety of needs specific to the Santa Cruz area.  Not only are we the only industry quality Certified provider in the area, we are the only industry quality certified provider in the state.


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Vehicle Patrol Services:


We operate the largest private patrol operation in Santa Cruz.  No one has the resources in the field to serve your patrol needs in the Santa Cruz area better than First Security Services.  Our management staff will provide recommendations and give you options to meet both your security needs and your budget.


Security Officers:


First Security Services has an excellent reputation as both a services provided and employer – we are fortunate to have the finest security professionals in the area working with our organization.  We will work with you to make the best possible staff selection for your specific needs and then provide the continual support and training that will insure the continued success of your security program.



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If safety is a primary concern for your corporate, private or residential complex you have come to the right place. We are innovators in the security field and make use of cutting edge technology and constantly updated training to ensure that your property and personnel are safe at all times. With more than 40 years of experience and 600 private security officers First Security Services can keep you protected.


Santa Cruz Private Security Guards & Services

Why does your Santa Cruz based business need to hire private security?


Fact: Both violent and property crime in Santa Cruz are a very real problem. In 2010 Santa Cruz had a crime rate 140.94% higher than the national average. The property crime rate also produced dismal numbers coming in at 75.52% higher than the national property crime rate. The bulk of property crime incidents revolve around burglary and with expensive equipment businesses provide a prime target. First Security can reduce the risk and eliminate the headache associated with recovering from a break in/vandalism. Our security guards are well trained and can arrange in house security as well as vehicle patrols for your business. Whether you manage a Santa Cruz construction site or a Santa Cruz office building or are even in need of a Santa Cruz based bank security guard, First Security Services has you covered. We can provide armed or unarmed security guards for a variety of residential, corporate or government related use cases.



Santa Cruz Property Crime Index

Santa Cruz Property Crime Index

Santa Cruz Personal & Residential Security Services


Fact: The highest percentage of burglaries happen during the day when the owners have left for work. In fact a burglary is perpetrated once every 15 seconds. Contracting a residential private security officer from First Security will give your tenants peace of mind and assurance that they will not become yet another statistic. We provide the following residential services:


  • Protection for gated communities apartments or condominiums.
  • Pool Monitors
  • Parking enforcement


The Santa Cruz residential security guards we provide are exceptionally trained, extremely courteous and highly vigilant. We understand that your family and the families of your tenants are your primary concern, and that it is our responsibility to provide that added layer of protection that keeps them safe.


Santa Cruz retail store and mall security services


A safe shopping experience is essential to both the customers who enter your retail outfit and the employees who staff it. Security guards are proven deterrents for shoplifters. Our guards are thoroughly trained in how to safely apprehend a suspect as well as what to look for when monitoring video surveillance.


  • Staff Protection: If you have staff that work late, overnight or swing shifts First Security can ensure they are escorted to their cars safely. Once your employees are ready to leave our coordination center will assign a First Security guard to escort them out safely.
  • First security is on call to handle a variety of common mall and retail related issues including: skateboarding, loitering, soliciting, trespassing and alarm response.

Santa Cruz corporate security services


First Security has been protecting commercial and industrial entities for the better part of 40 years. We provide security consulting to Santa Cruz based corporations and can formulate a comprehensive security plan to fit any budget. First Security already protects several high traffic high risk areas such as the San Jose International airport and several Santa Cruz hospital and healthcare facilities. On the industrial end we have an extensive background in securing Santa Cruz based warehouses and biotech firms. We understand the specialized need for security.


Other use cases for Santa Cruz private security contractors


  • School and campus security guards: A campus teeming with students requires a vigilant security staff for both student and faculty safety.
  • Sporting events: A competent security staff can ensure that a sporting event is enjoyed safely and without incident.
  • Special events: Have a private event? First Security can ensure the right people get in and that everything runs smoothly.
  • Executive Protection: First Security can deploy a team of highly trained bodyguards to protect high value assets.
  • Cannabis security plans


Do you have a use case that does not fit in any of the categories mentioned above? Don’t worry! We can still accommodate your custom needs. Call us today for a free site security evaluation. Alternatively you can fill out the quick quote form to the right and we will call you back right away to discuss a custom solution for your business.


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Personal Bodyguards, Executive Protection & Temporary Security

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